Thursday, June 15, 2017

Florida 2017

So...tap,'s been a minute.  Work and life got in the way of updating this little space, but I need to do it for our family documentation.   Picking up in February, with our weeklong Florida vacation to see our dear friends and to visit Universal Studios.

We picked the kids up early from school to head to the airport.

Airboat ride and trying alligator for the first time!

Hanging around the house.

Day at the beach.

We really could not have had more fun.  The kids loved playing together (and Ben especially loved a fresh set of toys to play with).  After a few days we headed back up to Orlando for a couple days at Universal Studios.
Enjoying oysters by the sea

I was so excited to take the kids to Universal Studios, particularly Avery to Harry Potter world.   We've been reading the books over the last couple of years and she loves them.  I knew that part wouldn't be as exciting for Ben but I hoped there would be more than enough for him to do.

Universal Studios was amazing.  Harry Potter World was everything to Avery.  She got a wand and enjoyed doing all the spells around the area.  Let's just say this was not Ben's favorite part.  Let's just go a bit further and say that everything Wizarding World, Ben hated (except the Hogwarts Express train ride).  Honestly, Ben was a bit too young to enjoy many of the attractions at US.  There were lots of things that he was tall enough to ride but were way too intimidating for him.  Some of these we didn't even attempt to take him on, others we thought he would be able to handle but really scared him (Spiderman 3D).  He loved the little kids areas and would have stayed there all day.

After a week in Florida with great friends, great weather, and lot of fun and laughs it was definitely hard to come back home to cold Oklahoma.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas 2016

We had a great Christmas with the family!

The kids received the Pie in the Face game and were excited for everyone to try it out.

Back at home, we got the plate of milk and cookies (and carrots) ready for Santa.  Avery left a nice note letting him know that she and Ben had been good and not to forget our new dog.

Dad has to do all of Santa's work...

Christmas morning.  Two happy kids.

Annie resting under the tree at Mimi's.