Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mini Kicker

Ben's last soccer practice was the last week of October.   The season ended differently than it began.  He really started participating more in the latter half of the season.  He seemed to enjoy the various activities such as red light/green light.  When it came to the actual game they played at the end of each practice, it all kind of fell apart, though.  He either didn't get what he was supposed to be doing, or he just didn't care.  Either way, he wasn't very involved in the games.  But he made great strides in other areas and seemed to have a good time.  He came a long way in two months in areas of participation, engaging with coaches, focus, etc.  He went from rolling in the grass half of the time to actually playing along.   We're proud of our little mini kicker!

Last huddle for mini kickers!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This year Avery wanted to be a mermaid and I think Ben was just confused as to why I kept asking him what he wanted to "be" for Halloween.  Per usual, I had dreams of them in coordinating costumes but Ben had other plans.  My suggestions of a shark, Nemo, and various other sea creatures were all shot down.  A duck; he finally said he wanted to be a duck.  Ok.  A duck and a mermaid totally don't go together but whatever.  Sigh.  Children and their opinions.

But first.  A police officer.  Because we had that costume from last year.  Heading out for our neighbors' church trunk-or-treat.

Next up, a school day for Avery then my office trick-or-treating.

Our friends came over to trick-or-treat on Halloween.  We had a mermaid, a duck, a fireman, and a little dalmatian.  They were adorable. 

The kids quickly got the hang of it and there was PLENTY of candy to be had.  Ben's mouth was a revolving door for suckers all night.  And we still have a large bag of candy-ugh!  I think Rob and I are eating more than the kids.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Big Day!

Avery has been begging us for months to get her ears pierced, telling us she would DIE if she couldn't get them pierced.  Sooooo I finally gave in (not in fear of her imminent death otherwise, but because Rob and I were both truly fine with it) and took her to Claire's.

At first she accepted their offer to hold the bear.

Then she decided she was too big for that.  She picked out her earrings.  A couple clicks and it was over.

All done!  They look great!  She was so excited and proud of herself.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

I just love how Ben tries SO hard to smile for pictures.  It's usually accompanied by "CHEESE" while he looks up, down, and everywhere but the camera.  I love this kid.

They had so much fun racing around the pumpkin patch.  We went to a different one than we usually go to and eh-it wasn't all that much better than our local one.  Granted they had camels.  And goats.  But the kids didn't really seem to care about that.

We came home with a couple pumpkins which Rob carved that evening.  He always grumbles about the intricate designs Avery or I pick out, but he always does an amazing job.  I stick to the pumpkin seed roasting, myself.

Me:  I'll put a Halloween movie or show on in the background while we clean and carve the pumpkins.
Kids: stare at tv, disregard what is happening in front of them.

Avery chose Cinderella and Ben chose a more traditional scary face.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


It's been two weeks since we got back from our amazing vacation in Mexico over Avery's fall break.  We had the best time.  We got up early and headed to the airport.  The kids were so excited.  Fortunately Ben took a little nap on the second flight.

It was pretty overcast and rainy when we arrived and it stayed that way the whole time.   We didn't let that ruin our fun though.  Avery couldn't wait to get down to the beach.  And this is where we began to see that these kids couldn't be any different.
Avery: beach bum
Ben: room bum
View from the room

Avery was happy to play in the water and sand for HOURS.  Ben...was not.  We started each morning with breakfast at the buffet.  Avery couldn't have been happier with the pastry selection and Ben had his fill of all the fruit he wanted.

Ready for dinner

Ready for another day at the beach!

Literally can't with the beach.

Dinner at the Mexican restaurant

Day 4! The day Ben actually dips his toes in the ocean!!!

The kids loved that they could get whatever frozen drink they wanted right on the beach.  And shrimp tacos.  And chips and guacamole.

All ready for dinner at Carlos N Charlie's, which was interesting.  It was so funny to see Avery and Ben's reactions to the LOUD music, dancing, conga line, snowball fight, etc. etc.  Avery was soooooo above it all.  Ben was rendered speechless (go of the rare times he could be as loud as he wanted, bang on the table, stand on the chair, even run around! And he was still as a statue).

After dinner at Carlos N Charlie's

They came by with some birds one afternoon and Avery was all about posing with them!

Ben's thoughts on the birds:

Gigi and Pepaw took Avery to get a fish pedicure.  She was so excited.  It tickled but she couldn't laugh because that would have been embarrassing.

Last night, heading out to dinner at Captain's Cove (where an alligator swims by while you're dining).

Waiting on the shuttle

We had such a great time.  It was awesome to see Avery be so brave and try new things-from the fish pedicure to holding the birds to being knocked down by huge waves and getting right back up for more.  And even if Ben didn't love the beach, he still had so much fun.  He was perfectly happy in the room, watching a movie.  I think if it we would have had more sun he would also have enjoyed spending more time in the pool  He was always great when we went to dinner and he was a perfect little traveler (with the minor exception of the repeated, vigorous opening and closing of the seat back tray).

We headed home on Tuesday:(  Always sad when vacations come to and end.  But we feel so fortunate to have had the experience.  A great time was had by all.

Until next time, Mexico!