Thursday, March 17, 2011

Telling Tales

On a couple different occasions recently,  Avery has, well...she has lied.  

One evening earlier this week I witnessed Arthur walk by Avery and nudge her leg with his nose.  She immediately started whimpering, holding her leg, and saying "bite. bite. bite."

Me: Avery, Arthur did not bite you.
Avery, crying whimper, holding her thigh like she had been ravaged by Montecore: Uh-huh.  Bite. 
She even told Rob the same story when he got home later.

Last night we were reading one of her lift-the-flap books.  She had previously pulled one (several) of the flaps back too far and torn it. 

Avery: Broke.

Me: Yes, it is broken.  Who broke it, Avery?

Avery, thinks for a second:  Dada.

Me: Oh, really? Daddy broke your book?

Avery:  Uh-huh.  Dada broke.

Hmmm, I know Rob doesn't like to read but I didn't think he'd resort to tearing up his own daughter's books!

Isn't not-even-even 2 a little young to be lying?!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craft and Daycare Update

     Avery did great in her new class yesterday.  She even napped for an hour and a half on a cot (no more crib).  When we were on our way out we passed her old room and a crib was just outside the room, in the hall.  She pointed to it and said "Avery's bed" and sure enough it was her old crib (had a label with her name on it).  Kind of made me sad. Again.  I don't know why.  I guess it's because she seems to be growing up so fast.  

     She comes home with tons of crafts and finger paintings, and after a showcase on the fridge for a month or so, most get thrown in the recycling bag.  I do keep some, especially anything with her hand or footprint.  Throughout last year she was periodically sent home with these little footprint animals, themed according to the season. I had them all at work, but when I found some super cheap clearance shadowboxes at Target I decided that would be the perfect home for them, along with the name tag from her old cubby.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

22 Months


I really can't explain how much this girl is talking now.  Well, I can actually.  A LOT.

She says everything.  Anything.  Most things I can understand, some I cannot.  She will attempt to repeat anything you ask her.  We are going on vacation in a couple weeks, and last night Rob was trying to teach her essential words like cerveza, margarita, amigo, beach, pool, swim, and hola.

Monday I received a call from the daycare director asking if we are OK with moving Avery to the next class.  Of course we are, but it makes me a little sad when she changes classes (this will be her second move).  Her current class is supposed to be kids that are about 1 to 2 years old, but as it turns out most of the kids are much close to 1 than 2, so Avery and another little boy (Kale) are quite a bit older.  The teachers have said that they play together a lot so it's nice they'll be moving together and she has already spent time here and there in this classroom to adjust.  This class will have up to 12 kids (as opposed to up to 8).  Today was the first day that she will spend the whole day there, and when Rob dropped her off this morning she seemed just fine.  The other class has a big table with seats in the actual table.  This room has a traditional table with little chairs where they sit at the table.  Rob said she sat right down at the table and started laughing.  And with that, moving right along...

Some pictures from this weekend:
Post-nap late lunch

Let's see-how much will I need?

Right idea-but you're forgetting something.

Bug in a rug

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alphabet Soup

Monday, when Rob took Avery in to daycare, the teacher asked if we knew that Avery knew her alphabet.  I knew that she knew the letters in her name, but I didn't know she knew them all (or most of them all, anyway).

The funny thing about daycare is that, when they're this little (and younger) they can't really tell you what they learned or did during the day.  You really don't know what they know until they exhibit the skill in some way (like the sign language).  

I really couldn't be happier with our daycare in this regard.  The kids aren't sitting around staring at a TV (I actually don't think there is a TV in Avery's room), or simply playing with toys while the teachers sit in the corner.  They have a structured, organized environment where they read, sing, dance, do crafts, etc.  And clearly she is learning.  We read tons at home (which I've may have mentioned a time or two), do alphabet puzzles, and recently have been going over the letters in her name, but we certainly haven't been focusing on learning the whole alphabet. 

I bought these alphabet letters for the bath a couple weeks ago when she suddenly became deathly afraid of her other bath toys (a story for another day).  There were quite a few she knew (and a few she didn't) that I didn't catch with the camera.  I think she did pretty good though!  And, yes, she has crazy hair from being put up.