Monday, August 30, 2010

Mullets and Wigs

Rob: She needs a new hairstyle.

Me: Huh?

Rob: This hairstyle isn't working for her.

Me: do you suppose we "get" her a new hairstyle?

Rob:  I don't know but the mullet's got to go. 

Me: So you want to cut her hair?

Rob:  Yeah, I think that's really the only option at this point.

Yes, I joke about her having a mullet but I don't think she really has a mullet...well,  a pronounced one anyway.  And while she has bit of "business in the front, party in the back" going on  it's not like her hair is cascading down her back or anything.  It barely touches her neck. 

However! I think I may have found a solution.  Allow me to introduce to you Baby Bangs. 

Yes, this is a real product.  Creepy, huh? 

We joke around about the mullet but really we think she's perfect the way she is.  It's hard to believe some people would actually put a wig on their baby.  Pretty funny, but you won't see one on Avery anytime soon.

Eye Appointment

Her eyes are fine.  One of her pupils may react to change in light slightly slower than the other, but no issues.  The doctor dilated her eyes which irritated her, but she didn't pass out like her dad does.

There was a big stuffed puppy she wanted to pet.

She finally got up the courage.

Sitting in the chair like a big girl.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enter at Your Own Risk

What can I say about the last week other than I haven't changed this many dirty diapers since Avery was a newborn and I haven't cleaned this much poo or pee off the floor since Arthur was a puppy. 

Look, I'm sorry but this blog is about Avery.  And the last week Avery has been all about poo.  So feel free to exit stage left, but I have to write about it.  It's out of my control, see?

Let me back up.  Three weeks ago, you may have heard Rob or myself smugly (when the topic was broached, we don't go around volunteering this information....well...until now) noting that we rarely have to change dirty diapers.  Avery was gracious enough to do her poo'ing at daycare (hit 'em where it hurts, A), leaving us with only a poo or two on the weekends to divide among the two of us.  Yes, of course we'd rather one of us be taking care of her full time and getting ALL the dirty diapers, but that is not the situation and we're just looking at the bright side!!!

Enter teething.  Which leads to "loose stool" MULTIPLE (6?) times daily.  Which leads to diaper rash that won't go away.  Which leads to yeast rash.  Which leads to "airing out" time.  Which leads to pee on the carpet.  And poop ("loose," remember?).  Which leads to these cute little underpants

Which leads to poop and pee in the underpants (pretty sure if my mom wouldn't have been around last night that pair would have gone in the trash).   Which leads to pre-treating, soaking, washing, checking for stains, soaking again, washing again, rinse, repeat.  And not just for the underpants but for all her pajamas and sometimes sheets, blanket, and extra clothes sent home from daycare due to diaper blowouts.

Poor Avery is suffering the worst, of course, with sore gums and a sore bottom.

Here's to hoping the teeth pop through soon.  What I wouldn't give to see a solid poop. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


She can take her shoes off.  And she exercises that right.  Clearly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teething Bites

This week has been tough for Avery.   Daycare sends home a daily sheet detailing what she ate, when she slept, what she did, what her mood was, etc.  Tuesday's sheet noted that she was "very emotional," and I think that pretty much sums up the week.  She's had a low fever off and on, diarrhea, diaper rash, decreased appetite, and yes, she's been very emotional.  Poor thing.


She is in line to get her first molars and her cuspids.  All of her other teeth just popped up without much fanfare so this is new to us. 

Oh!  I picked her up from daycare yesterday and she had pigtails!  I can't believe it. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Babies, Old Babies

We packed a couple days worth of activities into about 10 hours on Saturday.  We attended a family wedding, then headed to Edmond for a baby shower.  But first we stopped in OKC to see some friends and their babies.

Steve and Brandi have a very new baby, Cailyn (2ish weeks old).
Avery is checking out all of Cailyn's hair.

Dale and Jennifer have an old baby (8 months old).  They visited us a few months ago, and what a difference a few months makes. Harper is now sitting up and starting to crawl.

We then headed to the baby shower for Baby Perry.  Katie and TJ are keeping the baby name to themselves until he is born (fine, be that way).  Katie is looking great for 32 weeks.  Excuse the yellow tint, Rob was jacking up experimenting with the settings on the camera.
Katie is hosting the soon-to-be-newest baby of all, ___ Perry.  Ha!

Scott and Jenny have a new baby, McKenna.  They waited a long time for her due to infertility issues, and she was born almost a year to the day after Avery.
Try getting two babies to look at the camera-I dare you.

Scott and Rob are fraternity brothers, along with Dale and Steve (and Myles, not pictured, whose wife is also expecting a baby boy) (and Lynn's husband).  Jenny and Katie are my sorority sisters, along with Shannon and Lynn, who I also went to high school with.  Are you following?

There will be a quiz.

Avery was obsessed with sitting in McKenna's Bumbo seat (a seat for new babies).  She would sit, whine to get out, someone would help her out, she'd sit in it again, etc., etc. 
Someone please help me, this seat has snatched me up again.

This time next year all of these babies will probably be running around.  It will be here before we know it!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

15 Month Appointment

Just over 20 lbs (11th percentile)
31 inches (66th percentile)

She is doing great.  The doctor does want her to see a pediatric eye doctor because her pupils are different sizes.  Some of the population simply has different size pupils, but for others it indicates different vision in each eye.  So we'll see.  We're also going to try Zantac for the spitting up/vomiting/throwing up in her mouth. 

On Sunday, her actual 15 "monthday" we attempted to measure her height on our chart at home.  For some reason she sees this as a torturous act and her legs become jello.  I promise Rob is gently holding her in place, despite the frightened look in her eye.

Day 2 of no paci went just fine.  Considering this is what I found at 8:15 this morning...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huh...well that was easy.

Avery has never been a severe "paci" addict, however, the older she gets the more attached she has become. 

We could have gotten rid of it 5 months ago and she wouldn't have noticed.  I should add that she has only ever gotten it for nap time, bedtime, and long car rides.  At home we had an unwritten "paci stays in the crib" policy.  But lately, she has been wanting it more.  And she wants to hang onto it when she wakes up.  In the morning when I try to pop it out of her mouth, her little teeth clamp down and she shakes her head.  Uh oh.  She is getting addicted.  We needed to shake it loose. 

So last  night we put her down without the paci.  She cried for about 30 seconds, then the sounds of music drifted from her room (she has the Fisher Price crib aquarium), then...nothing. 

Hmmmmm.  Could it really be that easy?

We'll see.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Video

in which Avery becomes angry that she's wearing a onesie.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bonus Time

We have had an interesting week in the Thomas house.  Tuesday I received a call from daycare around 11 saying that Avery had thrown up.  Rob had a busy day at work so I went to get her.  Later that afternoon I discovered her milk was bad (came out of the container in chunks) so I suspect that made her stomach upset.  She seemed perfectly fine the rest of the day.  The milk had a SELL BY date of August 6th, so obviously it went bad early and I didn't notice because I don't drink it.  The lady at Whole Foods told me to come in for another gallon and explained that they (store brand) use a lower heat during the pasteurization process, which is better but can possibly lead to early spoiling (organic milk normally stays good for quite a bit longer than regular milk).

She was not supposed to return to daycare until she was vomit-free for 24 hours, so Rob stayed home with her yesterday morning.  Even though I suspected the milk made her throw up, I couldn't be 100% sure and I didn't feel like contesting it with daycare.  Rob took her in around 12, and they called me at 2 saying they were part of an area that was experiencing a blackout.  They had been told it would be 3 to 4 hours until power was restored, so they were asking parents to come get the kids.  Understandable since it is 100+ degrees outside.  So once again I took off to get her. 

It was great having some unusual, unexpected time with her.  Some of the cute/funny things we observed:

She wants to give everything to Arthur.  She walks over to him with a ball, her blanket, or a toy, and holds it out to him, waiting for him to take it.  Of course he just looks at her like "what the heck am I supposed to with that?"

*blank stare*

*blink blink*

Finally she gives up and walks away.

She walks around with her lunch bag over her arm, going to every door in the house, saying "bye bye."  She's a girl on the go.

She loves to get bottles of hair, body, bath, etc. products and carry them around.  She waves her hand over the top and then makes a wiping motion over her belly.  I was wondering what the heck she was doing when Rob pointed out that she was "washing" her belly.  Oh, duh!

She points out her toes, nose, head, mouth, and bellybutton (85% accuracy rate).

And Arthur has figured out the best seat in the house!

Hoping to make it a full day at work today!