Thursday, January 29, 2015


Well THAT certainly went by quickly.  Here's a bit of what we've been up to this month.

Eating a huge apple

Children's museum



Time out

Cherry Berry

MLK Jr Day Dream

Paddington Bear with Stephen


Birthday parties

Cake at Maddie's party

Dolled up after Diva Girls party

Stella's party

Movie time



New house shoes

Other Stella's party

Tinker Bell

Making 100 days of school cape


Movie: Cars, again!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


We've been talking, researching, and planning a trip to Disney World for several months and we booked a trip in December for February.  We planned on telling the kids on Christmas, but there was already so much going on (and so many toys) we decided to keep the surprise for a bit longer.

I'd been gathering some little Disney things here and there for the kids to open, hoping it would clue Avery into where we were going (we knew Ben would be clueless).  And we had lots of Disney movie nights over the holiday break.

On the morning of New Year's Eve we gave them their boxes to open.

Avery got it right away.  Ben's ears perked up when we said we were going on an airplane.

The planning is starting to come together, finally.  I did not realize all the planning that this trip would require.  There are spreadsheets, itineraries, reservations, tickets, and more.  We are really hoping that the crowds are low (we are going during the lowest season).

This is the first trip for Rob and myself and I think we're as excited (or more) than the kids!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Fun

We didn't have a white Christmas but we had a white weekend following Christmas.

She named him Snowy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2014

After the kiddos went to bed we set up the Santa gifts-a dollhouse for A and a bike and scooter for B.

Side note-Avery did not ask for a dollhouse. In fact, she didn't ask for anything.  Santa had to come up with his own ideas.

Because the living room is in between our room and the kids rooms, we covered the gifts with a sheet so Avery wouldn't see it when she got up (inevitably before we got up).  We had to wake Ben up and he wasn't too happy about it.  Once they were both up, we left them pull off the sheet-not ideal but it was the best solution we could come up with!

My favorite part is when Ben says "that is nice."

After we opened presents we headed over to Mimi's for brunch-and of course more presents.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing with new toys and sorting through the toy madness.

I would say the kids are more than fortunate.  They were showered with gifts and have been up to their ears in new things to play with ever since.  I think we all had a wonderful Christmas. Each year seems to be better than the last.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve

One of the best days of the year!   We baked some goodies the night before so we were all ready to go.

Of course I made the kids stop for pictures before we headed over to Gigi and Pepaw's house.  I like to think I've conditioned them to expect this by now.  Avery's got it down.

We're still working on her brother.  Bless his heart, he tries so hard.  This is his "cheese" face.  Unfortunately he's usually moving nonstop, or throwing his head back while saying it.  He's so adorable though, and nothing can detract from that.

This look says "you got the pic, lady?"



My beautiful girl

The kids scoped out the gifts right away, but had to wait until after we ate.  In the meantime, Avery helped Pepaw make "shrimp sauce."  And then she proceeded to eat 3 pounds of shrimp.

Ben and Gramper-the last two hanging around the table

Avery was ready to dive into the gifts.  

Dad and Pepaw trying to get in on Avery's new makeup


Testing out the makeup with Gigi

The kids (and adults) were all spoiled by Santa.  We had a lovely afternoon and evening, although we missed Memaw, who wasn't able to come.

We headed home before bedtime to get into our new pajamas left by Hank, set out the cookies and milk (and of course the carrots), and read a story.

And to all a good night...