Friday, September 28, 2012


We made it through week one.  Things have actually gone really well this week.  Ben has-dare I speak of it-been sleeping 11-12 hours.  I've been getting myself ready and then waking him up around 7 and feeding him.  We are all ready to go by 7:30 or so.  Avery has also been staying in bed all night.  I know schedules are always subject to change with an infant, but I definitely hope this schedule stays around for a while.

Ben hasn't been taking many naps at daycare, so he is super tired/cranky when we get home-that's the only downside.  They seem to have found a bottle nipple that he likes, though.  The first day, I sent two Playtex bottles and two Tommee Tippee bottles (thinking he preferred them, but I only had two of them).  Well, they said he preferred the Playtex.  And apparently they tried another kind of Playtex nipple that they had on hand.  I guess they don't sell them in the stores anymore so they were going to order some for him.

Last weekend we went to the outlet mall in OKC with Mimi (Rob was in Georgia for Jerry's wedding).  The kids were pretty good.  As you can see, Avery's legs got tired towards the end so she hopped in Ben's stroller (I didn't take a stroller for her because she wouldn't have sat in it).

Some other scenes from the week.
Playing at the school playground on Sunday
Morning snuggles

Before bath time

Princess relaxing on her elephant

Making oatmeal raisin cookies

In-what else?-her underwear

Morning smiles

And this morning, I got her singing her days of the week song.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Avery and I were talking on the way home one day last week.  I was asking her about her day.  What she did, what she ate, who she played with, what she learned.  Sometimes she just wants to be silly and other times she ignores me and stares out the window. Sometimes I get real answers.  

Me: so, who did you play with today?

Avery: well, we were reading an animal book and Coen said I was not his best friend.

Me: *audible gasp* he did?!  Well, that wasn't very nice.  

Avery: yeah, it made me very, very sad.  

Me: I bet it did. Why?  Why did he say that.?  

Avery: I-I-I don't know why he said it!

Me: well, it's ok.  I'm sorry you got sad, though.

When we got home, she repeated the same thing to Rob.

Avery: Daddy, we were reading an animal book and Coen said I was not his best friend.

Rob: whatever. Who cares about him anyway? Hey, you know what you should do?

Avery: what?

Rob: tomorrow, you should pretend Coen doesn't exist.  Don't even talk to him. And find a new best friend. What bout Stella?

Avery: yeah, Stella!

The teenage years should be fun.  We'll see who she goes to for advice.  Ha!

*It sounds like bridges have been mended with Coen.  He has invited her to his house to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  I told her maybe she should let him wait for a bit

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ben Goes to Daycare

Yesterday was Ben's first day at daycare. We were a little nervous that he would refuse the bottles, as he has been doing so lately. He ended up drinking all the milk I sent but in 1.5 ounce increments throughout the day. I'm sure he'll get on a schedule soon and get used to drinking a full bottle every few hours.

Other than that he did fine. He only took catnaps, so today I sent a swaddle wrap so maybe he'll take a substantial nap. He was exhausted last night!

Avery was super excited to have Ben at her school. She said "have a good day, Ben!" when she and Rob dropped him off.

Little brother getting ready
Excited sister
Taking off

Rob said this morning he was being a little ham and putting on a show, so I think things are going ok.

Friday, September 21, 2012

This Girl

So sweet.

Right here?

Mommy, I'm a pwincess and monkey is a pwince.

And so silly and goffy and fun-loving.

That is, until she has a complete epic tantrum including, but not limited to, screaming, crying, kicking, and spitting. Yes, spitting.  She lost her mind.

It started with dinner. She wasn't eating.  She was picking at her food and playing.  So we set the timer on her.  We've resorted to this because the playing around at the table and not eating are regular occurences.  Honestly, I don't think she's very hungry.  They eat a late snack at school and we eat dinner pretty early.  Whatever.  Eat or don't, but dinnertime is just that and we're not going to allow her to sit at the table for an hour playing around.  She has the entire time we're all eating, plus about 10 minutes (timed, on the evenings she's messing around).  After that we take the plate. You're done.  Well, all of that transpired the other night and she lost it when we took her plate.  That earned her a time out.  Which led to her coming totally unhinged. Cue 3 year old behavior and antics.  Eventually she was sent to bed with no stories. This behavior is pretty rare for her, and hopefully it stays that way.  Amazingly, Ben slept through it all (no really, you would be amazed too if you heard the screams).

The next morning she was her usual self again.  Thank God.  That tantrum business isn't for me.  I much prefer this side of things.

Last Day

Home with this little guy.

Monday I return to the office-and the real world (filled with pants that have actual waists and shoes that aren't made of rubber-it's been a casual summer)-and Ben starts daycare.  The same daycare/school that Avery attends, and has since she was 12 weeks old.  It's a good place.  He will be well taken care of.  But it's still hard.  I have paperwork to fill out to let them know all about Ben-his likes, schedule, and how many bottles (um, good luck with that?).  Of course, it would be impossible to tell them everything I've learned about him over the last 12 weeks-after all, the paperwork is less than two pages.

Don't get me wrong-there were days that I thought longingly of my quiet office.  Where no one was screaming at me and I could work in peace, finish an email in one sitting, or maybe just stare of into space and think about nothing at all.  Where no one deposited spit-up in my hair or demanded that I wipe their bottom.  But I am very thankful that I was able to stay home with him for 12 weeks and not lose out on any income.  It has been challenging.  I have become skilled at typing emails while bouncing a baby on my lap.  I've burned a path between the computer, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the dryer, and the swing.  I've had my annual review via phone while jiggling a fussy baby, and you would think my leg muscles would be toned from the repetitive bouncing of the bouncy seat.  I've called into meetings, praying he'd sleep the entire time.

It's been a busy but fun 12 weeks and I've enjoyed getting to know our little guy and see him grow and develop a little personality.  I know he'll do great at daycare.  He'll get attached to his teachers and make baby friends to play with.  But I am really going to miss my little fuzz head and his sweet, gummy smile.  He's been the best (albeit, demanding) coworker.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A & B the Last Few Days

This girl has the life, no?
Little does she know that she gets to take a bath in Mommy's tub because Ben's already asleep and she makes about as much noise as a bull in a China closet in their bathroom (right next to Ben's room).

Anything goes for dress-up: princess dress, butterfly wings, Dora bracelet, randomly placed barrettes, and green sandals.

Checking in on her brother

I'm trying to find some different ways to do her hair, since I basically have three different styles.  I need to learn to French braid.  Her hair would look so cute in pigtail French braids-who am I kidding, though? I'd never have time to do that in the morning.  I found this one online.  Pretty cute and easy.

Her hair is getting long enough to braid, though.

She is really into the Berenstain Bears lately.  I thought this book was especially appropriate.  I think all parents can relate.  She has been staying in bed the last several nights, so, hopefully that trend continues.

 Trike fun...

 Ben finally took a bottle yesterday, after a strike that lasted about a week.  Before that, he would only take about 1 ounce and then refuse anymore.  I got some Tommee Tippee bottles and he took one pretty quickly, after not eating for about six hours yesterday (we were desperately trying to get him to take one since he starts daycare next week).  He still wasn't too please but he took it.  And again tonight, a full 3.5 ounces.

 The funny faces of Ben:

Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week

Ben is really starting to "talk," coo, and smile so much more.  Rob is pretty sure Ben laughed at him yesterday morning (it kind of sounded like half cough/half laugh to me, but I'll give it to him).
Watching me get ready

The evenings have been nice so we've been eating dinner outside.  Ben likes it better, plus less mess to clean up:)
Watching the people with teeth eat dinner

Avery has been full of sass this week, which I think is being caused by all the sleepless nights.  One night she was up about five times.  It's ridiculous.  We've tried just about everything we can think of:
-incentives (fine, bribes) like getting to watch tv, getting gum (that's her thing right now), stickers, etc.
-punishments (taking away things or not letting her have certain privileges)
-spankings (yeah, Rob has spanked her bottom a few times)
-pep talks about how she is a big girl, big girls stay in bed, etc.

Nothing is really working.  It doesn't seem to be nightmares.  She is never crying or scared when she gets up, otherwise we would definitely have more sympathy.  She has a new teacher at school who has implemented the "nap fairy." Apparently, the nap fairy gives a few M&Ms to those who nap.  So I thought, hey, maybe the nap fairy could come to our house.  Nah.  Well...she did stay in bed last night, but that could have been purely coincidental.  Regardless, the nap fairy left her some Pez (something she may or may not have found in a small bag of leftover Halloween candy in the pantry-yes, from last year). 

But this morning, she was so chipper and there were no tears over taking clothes off the hanger herself or getting to push the buttons on the blender when we make smoothies.

Last night was open house at her school.  It's only for the parents, so I went by myself while Rob stayed home.  I got to meet her new teacher, Miss Danna (she is gone by the time I pick Avery up around 5, so I hadn't met her).  She seems very nice and is definitely qualified.
I believe there are nine kids in Avery's class (only three girls).

Sounds like Avery should have a fun year!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Around Here

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo-Ben's first trip.  It was a beautiful day!  I feel like we kind of blew through a lot of the exhibits.  Ben likes to keep moving.  I don't think Avery noticed at all, though.  She seemed to have a great time.

After we got home, she dressed up as mommy...
Who knows...

Rob and I went to a shower for Jerry and Sanaz that night.  They're getting married in Georgia in two weeks (and lucky Rob gets to go)!

Sunday we hung around the house.  Avery and I worked on a mosaic jewelry box that Gigi got for her.  All I have to say is LOTS of little jewels and stickers:)  Don't tell Avery, but the remaining sheets of teeny little stickers went in the trash today.  I think it looks great as-is anyway.

Monday it was back to work and school.

I made these Zucchini Boats for dinner on Monday.  They were pretty good.  Avery said she liked what was inside the boat but not the boat itself (of course I said too bad and made her eat part of it).

The evenings have been pretty nice.  We're definitely taking advantage of the cooler (well, low 90s) weather!   Last night we went to play at the local elementary school.
Big girl will go here in two years

Oh, and I had a Gap/Old Navy gift card for Ben so I ordered him some fall stuff, including his Halloween costume.   Avery is going to be Dorothy and Ben the Cowardly Lion.  Anyway, I got some super cute stuff.  With all the clothing gifts we've received, plus some hand-me-downs from friends of ours, I think Ben is pretty much set until at least 6 months.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain Boots

Finally got to put them to use. The weather changed on us pretty quickly this evening. Once it started sprinkling she had to change into her rain gear: swimsuit, sun hat, and galoshes.