Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 and 4

The kids had their 7 and 4 year well child visits last week.

Avery was so sweet during the appointment and stepped up to do everything first so Ben could see how it would go.  She asked if he would like her to hold his hand, to which he quickly said yes.  He who usually rejects any and all affection from his sister was very grateful for a comforting hand.

Height/weight/BP/vision/hearing tests

Everything checked out just fine!   We were very proud of Ben for being so...compliant (not a natural trait).

And then came the vaccines for Ben.  Three shots.  Suffice it to say that was not well-received.  He rejected the stickers but picked two suckers on the way out.  Fortunately, aside from flu shots, they don't have to have any more vaccines until they're 11.

Both kids are growing right along with their growth curves.  Developmentally they're hitting all the appropriate milestones, although we do need to work on Ben getting himself dressed (he refuses to try).  Ben is average height for his age but very slim (duh) although not underweight.  Avery is a little shorter than average height and also thin.   Both kids are happy and healthy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July Weekend

We had a wonderful, busy weekend of July 4th.

The lake.

Pool time.


Friends, family, fireworks, food, & fun.  I think that about sums it up.  The kids loved doing the little fireworks-sparklers, tanks, smoke bombs, etc.

Friday, July 1, 2016


You're 4!

Ben is:










-fun loving




-the color blue



-his sister

-turkey sandwiches


-watching train videos on YouTube

-helping his dad mow

-ice cream

-being outside



-the word no




Ben.  My sweet boy.  I'll admit he's a bit of a momma's boy (and Mimi's boy too, for that matter).  And I'll also admit that I don't mind.  He's completely stubborn and strong-willed and everything is on his terms.  He reckless and busy and doesn't listen to reason.  He has absolutely humbled us as parents.  We are continuously learning how to deal with and discipline such a strong-willed little guy.  Unlike Avery he doesn't enjoy playing alone.  He loves to have someone play with him i.e. sit in his room and watch him play (don't actually mess with his stuff).  He loves playing with his sister.  The overwhelming majority of the time they get along great.

He thrives on routine and gets very bent out of shape when something is out of the ordinary.

He can be very shy in situations outside of his comfort zone.  On the other hand he can be very bold and outgoing at times.  It's all on his terms and dependent upon his mood.

He can be very sweet and affectionate but sometimes he only has time for you to kiss his head.

He definitely has a knack for driving and/or riding anything with wheels.  He started riding his bike on the very first try.

He starts pre-k in August and I am excited to see how he does.

We got him a loft bed for his birthday.  It was definitely time to upgrade him from the converted crib and the loft bed gives us some much-needed space.

On his birthday we went to see Finding Dory and to get a turkey sandwich (his choice).

Unfortunately, he didn't like the turkey as it wasn't "fresh" (I suppose he didn't appreciate the toasted sandwich).

We did a few fireworks after we got home, which he loved.

Happy year 4, buddy.