Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Party, Park, & Pinky Toe

I think Ben is still adjusting to his new class.  He's been-ahem-tempermental lately.

I think it's getting better, though.  He hasn't cried at drop off this week.

Saturday morning I took Avery to a birthday party.  Avery said it was "the best" and "she better invite me again next year."

One of her three possible suitors was there.  She is certain she's going to marry Brody, Coen, or possibly Colton.  Colton follows her around, Brody draws her pictures all the time, but Coen's dad runs a golf course, so I think I know where Rob's vote will lie.  Brody and Coen's moms also say their boys say they're going to marry Avery.  Of course we tell Avery there are more fish in the sea, and she might very well meet someone better when she is much older, or she might not want to get married at all, but she's not listening.

The kids stayed with Mimi Saturday night while Rob and I went out for sushi.  Sunday was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed some time at the park.

Avery seems to like dance more each week and has been excited to go lately.

Monday brought a 50 degree temperature drop.  I think we're really looking forward to spring and warmer weather.  We've been making do inside, though.  Baths serve as a form of evening entertainment.

Ben woke up crying two times last night, and this morning he wouldn't bear any weight on his left foot.  He screamed when we tried to put him down, and when we checked out his toes, his pinkie toe was red and a little swollen.
Clearly needs a pedi

It was nothing we would have noticed had he not been so upset.  So we gave him some ibuprofen and made an appt with the doctor.  Within 20 minutes he was up and running around like normal.  I took him to the appointment anyway, just to have it checked and nothing is broken.  She said he may have stubbed it or got it caught on something, but otherwise he is fine.

We are putting the $20 copay on his tab.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

18 Month Appointment & Changes

Ben had his 18 month checkup last Friday.

He is a healthy boy, which we already knew!  His weight is in the 24th %, his height the 34th %, and his head circumference the 88th % (the doctor pointed out, "a personal record"-hahahaha).  He got three shots, which knocked him down on Friday evening.

He did find strength to make faces at the camera, though.

Saturday he was feeling better and up to his old tricks.

Rob basically worked the entire weekend, either shut in the office at home or at his actual office.  I tried to entertain the kids while not completely tearing up the house (impossible).  At the store, and I got the kids a cookie to share from the bakery.

Ben didn't want his half after one bite.  He tried to feed it to his sister.

Building towers

"More." Ben doesn't understand that he only gets ONE gummy vitamin.

Ben (and I) had a friend over on Saturday evening.  Ben and Mark are only 6 weeks apart.  They had fun playing together.  Avery really had fun being the ringleader.
Mark wearing one of Avery's headbands

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went to lunch and the park with Mimi.

I tried to keep the outside as long as possible in the afternoon and evening.

We're ready for warmer weather.

At dance on Monday evening, I realized how long Avery's hair is getting again.  I can actually start doing more stuff with it.

I started Weight Watchers on Monday and so far it is going great!  I am not having any problems staying within my points.  I haven't had to change my diet drastically, just my snacking and overeating.

Monday's dinner, only 5 points!
2 oz grilled chicken, 1/2 c. rice pilaf, broccoli,
and 1/2 baked sweet potato, plain

Both of the kids are having some changes at school this week. On Monday, they called and asked for our blessing to move Ben up to the next class. The felt like he was bored, and ready to move to a class with a little bit older kids, new challenges, things, etc.  I guess he transferred easily over there Monday afternoon (or mid-morning, I'm not sure which), as he has spent some time in that classroom before, but Tuesday and today's drop off in there did not go so great.   He has cried both days.  I try to comfort/distract him for a few minutes, but I can't linger too long (it won't make it any better when I leave).  The teachers are great-Avery has been in both of their classes before too-and step in to comfort him, so I know he's in good hands.  It's just hard to leave him crying.  Hopefully by next week he'll have adjusted.

Avery has a new teacher starting today.  Her previous teacher quit a couple weeks ago (not sure what the story was).  This lady started earlier in the week and has been shadowing in their classroom, but today was her first day with the kids alone. Avery seemed fine with it this morning-she told me yesterday that she loved Miss D.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friends Trip to Texas

I took a 3 day weekend trip to San Antonio with the girls plus Stephen.  North of SA, to be exact, in hill country.  I had never been to that area before and it was really pretty!

I still dislike flying but I am getting better.  Southwest always makes it easier because their planes are a decent size (anything is better than the American Eagle puddle jumpers).

Once we got in we had just enough time to have lunch on the Riverwalk before heading up to the house.

The house belongs to a friend of a friend, and it was a great place for us to stay.  Plenty of room and great views from the deck.

We took a winery tour on Saturday, which was awesome!

It was truly a relaxing and fun weekend.  I love spending time with these people.  We literally laugh until we cry.  There is nothing like being with friends of 20 years. I missed the kids and Rob but it is always nice to get away for a few days and spend time with friends.  And eat meals without fetching water, milk, seconds, applesauce, prodding someone to eat, etc.  Also, no one asked me if they could have any candy nor did anyone wipe their nose on me.  So it was a win-win.

Rob juggled quite a bit while I was gone between the kids and work.  There were apparently many conference calls while changing diapers and giving baths.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure Ben had a mild case of RSV.  There was a confirmed case in this class, and he had the symptoms (fever, runny nose, congestion).

But the house was still very tidy and dinner was in the crockpot when I got home.  The bed was even made.  Super Dad, right there.  I am very appreciative of a husband that doesn't think twice about taking care of the kids.  I know, it's like, duh, this is 2014, but seriously, some fathers still don't do that!  Of course, he'll be cashing in on the favor when he goes on a friends trip in March:)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We're getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.  I just got back from a weekend trip with friends (more on that in another post) and we're back in the groove of working, schooling, etc.

Last week was COLD.  Like, 0.  No degrees.  That's pretty cold.

We spent a lot of time inside.  The kids found lots of ways to amuse themselves.  I love when they play together.  I have noticed that when Avery is coloring, reading, watching tv, or anything like that, Ben doesn't pay her any attention.  However, when she is rambunctious and running around, he is all about that and will always join in.  That's when they play together.

Here they are crawling around, pretending to be babies.

Here Ben is trying to steal the Play Doh, to her dismay.

They have been enjoying the new towels they got from Uncle Tom and Aunt Laurie.

Avery had a dentist appointment.  She did much better than the previous two times.  And by that I mean an actual cleaning and exam occured.  She was still very nervous, but she did well.  They have tv's above the chair, so she got to watch Tangled for a bit.

We treated ourselves to a donut afterwards.

Dance class started back up, and she is still on the fence.  She wants to go, but yet she doesn't.  But she affirmed that she does want to continue, and after the recital and costume fees, we will be sticking it out until the season is done.