Wednesday, August 26, 2015


We're spending lots of time outside riding bikes, trikes, tractors, and scooters.  Mimi had pity on Avery's tiny clown bike and got her a cool new bike.  It's a bit tall for her but she'll grow into it and she's doing great so far.  Maybe next year Rob and I will get bikes and join them!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avery's 1st Day of 1st Grade

No tears, only excitement for this girl for her first day of school!

Antibacterial gel on lunch bag: CHECK

Hugs for brother

Avery's locker

Stella and Avery

Walking to class with her best friend.  Their classes are next door to one another.

"Yeah, bye Mom"
Actual desks this year!

The neighborhood SAS crew: Stella, Avery, and Stella

Avery had a great first day of school.  She has a few of her classmates from last year in her class this year.  The ones that are not in her class she still gets to see at lunch and recess and probably music as well.   Her teacher seems very nice and has 28 years of experience teaching 1st grade.  I am so happy that she enjoys school and we're looking forward to a great year.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st Grade School Supply Shopping

We hit Target to get everything Avery needs for school which starts this week!  Eeeeeek.  Avery is excited for school to start and a little sad that summer is over.

Wow!  Seems like a lot of stuff but we're more than happy to provide that she needs for the year.  Even if she would have to go through one glue stick every eight days, as Rob calculated.

We also picked up Ben's gear for soccer, which starts next month.  I wanted to let him pick the ball, since there were two colors to choose from, and he said he didn't want either.  "I don't want a ball.  Avery can have it."  Hmmmm...this isn't a good sign.  Hopefully he warms up to the idea and has a good time during the mini-kickers season

Blue Hole

Check one off the summer bucket list!

For Avery's last Friday of summer vacation we went to Blue Hole.
Ben loved filling up his dump truck with rocks

Taking a rest

Dead fish!

No trip to Blue Hole would be complete without a stop at Dairy Deal.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ode to Ducky

Ducky.  Ben's constant companion.  Sidekick.  Comforter.  Buddy.  Soother.

When I first found out I was pregnant with Ben and dying to buy something for the new baby, I found a yellow duck lovey at Target-fine for boy or girl.  And out of all the stuffed animals in his room, he became attached to Ducky very quickly.  He took him everywhere.  Everywhere.  He's been to Florida (twice) and Padre Island and Arkansas and Kansas City and lots of places in between.

When he got hurt or tired or sick, he wanted Ducky.  He chewed on his beak and rubbed his face on him-Ducky absorbed a lot of snot and tears over the past 3 years and smelled no better for it.

Rarely did a bedtime go by that didn't involve a frantic search around the house (and garage and cars) for Ducky.  "Where's Ducky?"  "Have you seen Ducky?"  "Where's the freaking duck???"

And then, one day, not long after his 3rd birthday, he threw him out the window of Mimi's car.  Allegedly.   Probably.  No one really knows for sure.  Regardless, Ducky has yet to be seen after that fateful car ride over two weeks ago.

And the weird thing is...he doesn't ask for him.  He hasn't really mentioned him.  When he is upset he wants "other one duck" (aptly named by Ben due to his secondary status to Ducky) or monkey.   Truthfully, Avery and I were more distraught than Ben.  And I cannot find a replacement.  I actually tried about a year or so ago just to have a backup, but they don't make them anymore.

So that's that.  Goodbye, Ducky.   Unless you miraculously turn up somewhere.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ben's First Trip to the Dentist

Avery was great.  She's an old hand at the checkups now and was eager to set a good example for Ben.  Ben remained highly skeptical and a bit uncooperative.  They were able to get X-rays and do a very, very brief brushing and exam.   Both kids checked out with no cavities so it was successful visit!

Yard Boy

Ben is the best yard helper.  He loves to help Rob mow (drive circles on his tractor around Rob), water the garden, and sweep up grass clippings.  We reward him with popsicles.