Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

A dance for all elementary-age girls was held at her school.

The dance fell into that "first of February" time frame but it deserves it's own post!  Avery looked so pretty and her date wasn't too bad either!!

I picked up the dress on super-sale at Crazy 8's after Christmas, hoping she would have an occasion at which to wear it, and I think it worked out beautifully.

They went out for pizza before the dance (I think Ben and I had leftovers at home:)

Looks like the headband and the shoes came off once the party got started.

It sounded like Avery had a great time, with the highlight being the root beer and the Skittles that were consumed.

First of February

Catching back up after almost a week in Florida!

 The first part of February was filled with the regular stuff.  Our water heater went out and both kids thought it was super fun.  It took a lot to convince Avery she, in fact, would not fit in the sink.

Cherry Berry treat.

The kids got sick-first Avery and then Ben.  Avery missed only one day of school, but the cough and low-grade fever lingered for quite a bit.  Once it hit Ben, it took him down a lot harder.

 It took him down for a day or two, then he seemed much better.  We spent my day off with a dentist appointment (both kids have small cavities, UGH!), a trip to Chick fil A, and a Target run.

He seemed perfectly normal, but the next day he had a fever again and was couch-bound.  He wouldn't eat anything and hardly moved.

I was very sad to leave him like that.  But it sounded like he was much better the next day.