Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scenes from the Weekend

A nice weekend overall! We spent some time outside enjoying the weather. Saturday we went to the pool for a bit. Avery stayed in the shade and slept. Later that night Rob grilled some delicious steaks! Today the Browns came to visit. We're so glad they came to meet Avery and appreciate them making the drive with the kids.
Testing out the snugli-she liked

Relaxing on the deck

Erin and Avery

Ethan-I couldn't get a picture of Caiden. He's too quick.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can Someone Please Tell Me

why in the hell my dog thinks he is too good to lay on the ground like a normal dog?! He's either sitting at my patio table or lying on my chaise lounge! This is getting ridiculous. Next thing I know he's going to be asking to borrow my car to go to the store.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye Weekend

What a great weekend. Avery's first Memorial Day weekend flew by, as 3-day weekends are wont to do. We spent it with friends and family and a good time was had by all.


1. Losing umbilical cord. I'll spare you a picture (kidding, I don't have one).

2. Being held by Lynn and LD

3. Going to the mall with Mimi

4. Visiting Great Memaw Thomas and Grandma Terri and Grandpa Bob

5. Having pictures taken

For Mother's Day my mom gave me money to put towards newborn pictures of Avery, so Sunday afternoon Jennifer from Heaven to Earth Photography came over and took some pics. We got a preview and the rest will be coming soon. A was a little cranky, but in spite of that I think we still got some good shots. I think she'll be either sleeping or crying in most of them. Can't wait to see the rest.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start. Lunch yesterday at In the Raw with Aunts Lynn and Lauren. Not long after this picture was taken Avery suffered a blowout of epic proportions due to a faulty diaper. It took four adults to clean up the damage and resulted in Avery scoring a new dress from Baby Gap due to a soiled outfit.

Our fridge last night. Don't judge.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A few things:

1. Being home has reaffirmed how much I hate daytime tv...really tv in general for that matter.

2. I am very sad about Rob going back to work tomorrow. Seriously sad. We make a good team. I am afraid I am going to be lonely.

3. Avery was visited by both grandmas today. She loved it.

4. Saturday morning I looked out and saw Arthur, sitting in a chair, barking at something in his domain. Seriously. He stopped barking by the time we got the camera, but proof that it happened:

5. Nothing other than Avery being cute:

Monday, May 18, 2009


Not much to say. Just wanted to share this picture.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avery Goes to the Doctor-Take 2

We took Avery to the doctor yesterday. She is doing wonderful according to the pediatrician. Her head has healed rapidly. She was very good and only cried for a minute when the doctor poked her to check her out. We also went for her first walk around the block yesterday evening. She slept through it though:)

This morning was stormy and Avery and I dozed on the couch for a few hours. It was very nice but eventually we got up and around. While Rob was getting a haircut Avery and I walked around Target. Her first trip to Target-big day! I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Waiting to see Dr. Blesch

Home again


Oh, and Arthur...he has a problem. Some might even say he's obsessed. Rob and I were wrong. We thought he would be disinterested in her. Not so much.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 5

And we're all still alive:) Avery slept part of the night and part of the morning. Being the gentleman that he is Rob let me sleep more. I think it's my turn tonight. We took Avery to the doctor today and when we arrived they told us our appointment is for tomorrow. Miscommunication somewhere but no big deal. Avery got her first bath at home today. She was ok with it as long as water was running on her. Lynn, Drew and the grandparents also visited her today. She slept through most of it though.
Going to the doctor-or not

Avery and Mommy looking halfway human-halfway

Hmmm...not sure about this

Not happy

Good morning

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, as you all know by now Avery has finally arrived and we couldn't be happier. Things definitely didn't go as planned as far as labor and delivery. The last few days are a little blurry but here is the gist of it:
Went in Wednesday night for the cervical ripening. They told us they would start the pitocin at 6 the next morning. We managed to get a few hours of sleep between the nurses coming in at different times. They started the pitocin at 6 as promised. I was having pretty strong contractions that lasted into the early afternoon. I really don't remember much but being in quite a bit of pain. And by quite a bit I mean writhing, agonizing pain. Sometime in the early afternoon my doctor came in and said they were going to turn off the pitocin, let me rest the remainder of the afternoon and administer another dose of the cervix ripener because while the pitocin was causing me to have contractions I wasn't dilating at a comprable rate. So they turned off the pitocin but the contractions didn't stop and I continued to be in labor from then on.
The rest of the afternoon and evening is a blur. After 12+ hours of labor I got a spinal/epidural at about 7:30 pm. Which was great for the hour or two that it lasted, until it completely wore off on the left side. After what seemed like forever the anesth. came back and "fixed" it except he didn't really fix it at all. After another century he came back and determined he would have to completely do it again-something which hadn't happened in 10 years according to him. Lucky me. Once I got the second spinal I was ready to push. I pushed for two hours and she was close but she just wasn't coming out. My doctor was monitoring her heartrate which was dropping with every contraction. She attempted to assist with the vacuum which didn't work. Her heartrate dropped to around 80 and the doctor said she had to come out right away. So I was wheeled away and Rob was left to wait. It was terrifying for both of us. Because it was an emergency and I was being put totally out I guess he couldn't be in there. The next thing I knew I woke up and Rob was standing by my bed telling me she was beautiful. I was so confused. I don't even think I knew what he was talking about. I think was about 2 am on Friday.
Avery is doing great. She needed a little assistance at first and she has some abrasions and an area with fluid right under the skin on her head from the vacuum. But everything is fine and they said it should be gone in a week.
Recovery so far has been ok. All of Friday was pretty painful. Yesterday and today have been better. We got home around 1:0o this afternoon and it is great to be home. Rob is taking great care of both of us. He has been doing everything for Avery and myself. I am finally getting around better today and actually changed my first diaper. I had no doubt Rob would be a great dad but he has exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. He is so calm, patient and confident with her. She gazes at him constantly so I think she kind of likes him too. Everyone agrees she looks just like him.
Arthur is pretty curious about her. He is being good but has been pacing about and wanting to smell her head which we obviously won't let him do. Hopefully he simmers down and starts ignoring her. Not getting much sleep of course. A few hours here and there.
That is all for now. We are so happy she is here. This is by far the best Mother's Day I've ever had:) Thanks to those who visited in the hospital and for the flowers, gifts, and well wishes. We appreciate everything.
More pictures to come. Uploading is very slow tonight.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Settled

We are at the hospital and ready to rock! Here is a recap of our night.

Monique went to the salon to get beautified late in the afternoon. Looking good Momma Mo!

We decided to grab a bite to eat at Logan's in Owasso. After waiting 15 minutes to be acknowledged, a young man that reminded me of Pinocchio (due to his strange hat) appears and takes our order. After we eat, we ask Pinocchio about the 3 mini desserts for $5 that we hawk-eyed on the menu.

Me: What kind of mini-desserts do you have.
Pinocchio: Yeah, you can get 3 of em' for $5.
Me: Cool....what kind can we get?
Pinocchio: You can get 3 of the same ones or mix n' match em'.
Monique: Can we see the menu?
Pinocchio: Uhhh...they aren't on the menu.
Me: Never mind.
Pinocchio: OK. Anything else I can do for you?
Me: (Thinking) Take off that silly-ass hat!

With bellies full we return home to load up our gear and tuck Arthur in for the night.

We arrived at the hospital and were shown to our room. Monique was asked to sport a flasher gown with a breezy backside. Monique is on the Craftmatic adjustable bed and I am chillin' on the glider.

No sign of Avery yet. She will be here soon though.

Come out, come out, where ever you are!

Friday, May 1, 2009

41 Weeks

How your baby's growing:
A bit over 20 inches long, your baby has continued to grow and may now weigh almost 8 pounds. As cozy as he is, your baby can't stay inside you forever. For your baby's safety, your practitioner will talk with you about inducing labor if your baby isn't born in the next week — earlier if there are any problems. Most practitioners won't let you wait more than two weeks past your due date to give birth because it puts you and your baby at increased risk for complications. About 5 to 6 percent of women have prolonged pregnancies that extend three or more weeks beyond their estimated due dates. Babies born at 42 weeks and beyond can have dry parchment-like skin and are often overweight. Waiting that long to deliver also increases your chance of developing an infection in your uterus that could be dangerous for your baby or of having a stillbirth. What's more, your labor is more likely to be prolonged or stalled, both you and your baby have an increased risk of injury during a vaginal delivery, and you double your chances of needing a c-section.

Well, this is it. I go in next Wednesday night to prepare for a Thursday induction! We're to arrive at the hospital at 8 pm and a cervical ripening agent will be administered. Then Thursday they will administer the pitocin. So we will be meeting Avery by late next week! I'm pretty disappointed about being induced but of course excited to meet our baby at the same time. Of course there is the possibility that it won't come to that as we still have 5+ days!

We had another non-stress test after the appointment this morning. Avery met the requirements (showed to be active/reactive) of the 30 minute test within the first 10 or so minutes, so we didn't have to stay for the whole time.

Tuesday will most likely be my last day of work. We promise to email/text with any developments. Rob dropped his blackberry in the rain twice this morning, and as of now whatever key is pressed only produces the letter H, so hopefully he gets a new one or gets it fixed.

Looks like a rainy weekend is in store. Anyone have any book or movie recommendations?!