Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lots of Fall Fun

We had a busy and fun weekend this past weekend.

Avery was supposed to make a character pumpkin for school.  After perusing Pinterest for ideas, she settled on The Lorax.  I thought it turned out pretty cute!!  It's still on display in the library.

Aunt Lynn came in town Friday and we were able to meet up with Lauren for a bit.  

On Saturday Rob and I did our first 5k.



Rob finished with a great time.  It was actually really fun, although we were pretty sore the next day.

On Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch.  Otherwise known as the place my children run wild and refuse to pose for any of the photos i.e. the main reason we took them there.  Right, I know.  That's not what it's about.  But those pumpkins make such a great photo backdrop it's hard to resist.  Avery grudgingly obliged a few times but Ben was way too busy.  The first thing he did was find the things on wheels.

Sundresses and sunscreen at the pumpkin patch…ahhhh, Oklahoma.

After dinner we carved pumpkins.  Avery chose a cat and Ben…well, he didn't seem to care but we chose Elmo for him.

I think they turned out pretty well!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


We're back into the swing of things after our vacation.  Last week was a blur of getting ready for our trip and me catching a horrible virus (I'm suspecting from Avery).

We had such a great time on our trip.  We did a whole lot of nothing besides swimming and lounging and laughing and relaxing.  The resort was clean and nice and the beach and water were beautiful.

I purchased a waterproof case for my phone before we left and it was fun to take it out in the ocean and play with it in the pool a bit too.

There were lots of fish right off the beach.  We snorkeled a bit further out and Rob saw an eel, a barracuda, and a stingray.  I saw lots of angelfish but that's about it!

We had so much fun traveling with Stephen and Tim.  We missed the kids but luckily we were able to FaceTime with them a couple of times.   They seemed to have a great time with Mimi and did the zoo, children's museum, and a big family birthday party.  They spent the last day with Gigi and Pepaw visiting their great-grandparents.  We are so fortunate to have people that were willing to keep the kids while we had some relaxing adult time.  It was a tiny bit bittersweet to enjoy something that you know your kids would also enjoy, but we look forward to taking another vacation with them next year!

Friday, October 10, 2014

These Two

They love each other so much.

Teaching him to jog

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Fun

I was off last Friday, and Rob had just returned from a work trip, so we took full advantage of our extra day!

I read to Avery's class Friday morning.  They had spent the week talking about apples.  Avery's teacher said I could bring one of Avery's books so I brought Ten Apples Up On Top.  The kids seemed to like it, and listened quite intently even though they were all excited about the walk-a-thon, which took place right after the reading.

 Avery and her friends were so excited, although they weren't exactly sure what was going on. 

Rob and Ben came up for the walk-a-thon.   This little girl really wanted to hold his hand, to which he eventually relented.  It was cute although it didn't last long.

Avery ended up walking 20 laps, as marked on her shirt.   That afternoon we picked her up a little early so we could beat the crowds to the fair.  It was a beautiful day and going on a Friday afternoon turned out to be a good decision.  Although I think the fair is always pretty busy, there were no massive crowds or long lines.  

Ben wasn't tall enough to ride any of the rides (not even in the kiddie area).  I was already prepared for this by a friend, so armed him with a corn dog while Avery rode her first ride.

He seemed to handle it ok.  Inside the expo there were some exciting things for him though, such as climbing in an ambulance, fire truck, and police car.

Needless to say, that made him  pretty darn happy.  

Avery wanted to do the fun house (one with Rob and once without).
Upper Level

There was one more area with kid stuff so we finished out our trip there.

I think the kids had a good time and I definitely got my fried food fix for the year!