Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Past Week

Sigh.  My phone got wet (I don't know how, but Ben was involved-enough said).  No pics from the past month:(  My phone is my life journal sooooo...bummer!  But we were graciously given a replacement from so I'm back to documenting life!

Gigi and Pepaw went on vacation and were kind enough to let us play in their pool while they were gone.  We had some friends join us both weekends.  The first weekend (being when my phone got wet) Mark and Maddie came to play, but sadly, the pics from that day reside on my old phone:(

Last weekend, Avery and Ben's friends Stella and Gwen joined us, and Stella stayed at our house for a sleepover.   Avery's first sleepover.  The girls have been begging to have one, and they were so excited.

Sharing some candy for the movie

Ben loves to be all up in their space

Breakfast outside

I think it was 11:30 before the girls went to sleep.  Eeeeek.  But they had so much fun making videos, playing outside, and singing along to songs on YouTube.

On Sunday we went to our first movie as a family (Minions)!  Usually I take Avery, and Rob and Ben stay at home, but my mom has had success taking him to a couple movies lately so we figured it would be fine, and it was!  He was great!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of all of us.  Boo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ben's Birthday

I forgot to post about Ben's actual birthday!  It was a Monday and we had to work but I had the bright idea to take him to breakfast before work.  So we all rushed off to get bagels in the morning.  Bad idea.  He didn't want to go, he was tired, it was kind of a scene.
Oh, well.  Ben and Avery went off to Mimi's for the day.  We had a regular evening at home.  Ben and Rob did yard work.

I made (made...haha) Ben's favorite dinner.  Ok...I made something we had on hand that I thought Ben would like.  I asked him a few times what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he would only say "blue cake," so...

Love these two goofballs.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July

The kids kicked off the weekend with some sparklers with the neighbor friends.  Ben was afraid to hold a sparkler until he saw Gwen holding one:)

Friday was beautiful and we spent it at Gigi and Pepaw's.  There were mega crab legs (Avery ate her weight in shrimp and crab), mega sparklers, and mega smoke bombs.  Such a fun day and night!

The kids had a blast at our friends house on the 4th.  There were lots of friends to play with and of course kid jello shots and popsicles.

We were tired and didn't want to fight the crowd for the big Tulsa fireworks but we caught a nice show from the highway on the way home.  And a hill by our house provided a nice vantage point to see quite a few nearby fireworks plus the Tulsa ones (although they looked pretty small!).

A couple final sparklers when we got home and we had to get the exhausted kids in bed.

We had more fun at the pool on Sunday but unfortunately I got a virus or something.  Blech.  Bad way to end a great holiday weekend.  Thankfully Mimi kept the kids at her house so I was able to rest and they didn't get sick.  Great weekend despite the not so great ending.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ben's Thomas the Train Party

Of course we had to have a Thomas the Train party for Ben.

Avery wanted to make a sign for the party too.

Mimi made the awesome 3 train cake and railroad crossing cupcakes.

Ben was lucky enough to get a new tractor and a bike, both of which he loves, and some new trains and cars.

It was a perfect, intimate little party for our guy!  Thanks so much to Gigi and Pepaw for letting us have a swimming party at their house!