Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Floors

Rob undertook the project of tiling the kitchen and bathrooms starting weekend before last.  We also had new carpet installed in the bedrooms the same weekend (hello, dust).  Rob had never tiled before, and although it took him a little longer than he expected, he completed it in record time for doing it alone and for his first time!

We bought our home brand new, but we didn't build it.  In other words, we didn't pick out anything.  The house was built with zero upgrades, which meant linoleum and builder-grade carpet.  At the time, this was probably a good thing since we likely couldn't have afforded the house with too many upgrades anyway!  But I digress.  It was time to make some improvements and being the cheap thrifty man he is, Rob decided to do the tile himself.  And it would be a one man show, as I typically don't do household projects.  Not to mention, I'd be manning the toddler while he slaved away.  Which is the harder job?  Toss up.  Although for the record, I made it through without scraped knees and cut up hands.

*All cell phone pictures

Arthur, having a cold one on the linoleum



Bit of new carpet also shown

I cannot stress enough what a GREAT job he did.  In my humble opinion, it truly looks like it was done by a professional.   We are finally getting the house back together (just waiting on the dining table we ordered to arrive).

In the meantime, Avery has been busy becoming a genius, using adverbs like "almost" and  "of course" in regular conversation, counting, saying her alphabet, and telling me about shapes (it's a blue crescent, Mama).  Yes, braggy brag brag.  What of it?

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Summer said...

Looks better than a professional. I have floors that need his tendin'.