Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nutcracker

Gigi and Pepaw wanted to take Avery to to see The Nutcracker (and they graciously invited me and Rob too but Rob thinks once you've seen it once...).   I was a little bit worried that Avery was going to be too young to "get it" much less sit through it.  Yes, she sits through movies but we're talking a ballet...with no words.  We have the book and have read it and we have a few nutcrackers at the house so it wasn't a foreign concept.  She actually did great, though.  She asked a ton of questions, but I didn't even have to tell her to whisper.

Mommy, who is that?

Mommy, what are they doing?

Mommy, where did the Mouse King go?  (she was most excited about seeing the Mouse King)

Mommy, can I have a treat?

And so on.  

She clapped at the appropriate times.  It was pretty precious, not going to lie.

Gigi and Pepaw bought a nutcracker for her which she carried around all day and night.

I think we all enjoyed watching her as much as watching the performance.

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Anonymous said...

I know I did enjoy watching her. The clapping was so precious! Words can't explain.