Wednesday, March 6, 2013

These Days

Hit the ground running.

Feed and dress and change and sometimes change again (Ben!) and hair (she requests bwaids lately) and no, you cannot watch tv until you get dressed.

Smoothies and grab lunch and bottles, extra clothes (Ben!), jackets and kisses and out the door (how late will I be today?!).

Lunchtime brings errands and groceries and diapers and-oh yeah-I need a present for (insert party, shower, holiday).

Fight the traffic and race to pick up the loves.  Listen to Avery's stories about her day-who said what and what was for lunch and if they got to play outside and what letter they talked about.

Try to get dinner ready while pleasing a baby that wants attention and putting off a 3 year old that needs a band-aid, glue, a vitamin, help getting a princess dress on.

Then it's clean-up and bath and bottle and whew! one down, one to go.

Another bath-sometimes together if the timing works-and pjs and books and a drink of water and back rub and wait! you forgot my socks.

Off to the gym.

Get back, change out the laundry.

Oh yeah-Arthur wants in. And is hungry.

Pick up and put away all the things.

Make bottles and lunch.  Food for Ben.  Maybe prep dinner for the next day.  Start dishwasher.

Lay out clothes for the next day.

Oh yeah, I need to read a couple chapters and write a paper, too (always looming).



Wake up and do it all again.

Anyone else feel like they're in a constant rat race?!


Don't get me wrong-I love my life and I'm grateful for it.  I just wish things could slow down a bit.

Or I could get a housekeeper.  

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Erin said...

I feel the same way! Now we have tball and soccer starting up so it is gonna get crazier.

It bothered me that I was so late to everything so I started to really evaluate what mattered. Sometimes we don't have a full course dinner, sometimes we forget things and have to bring them the next day, etc.

We had a sermone called My Story and the challenge was to start doing one thing that would make a difference in your story. I really had to evaluate what the root of my tardiness was from which caused other parts of my day to be nuts as was as simple as making sure I wake up when my alarm goes off. I like the snooze button :)

There were other challenges, stop one thing (making excuses), decide to stay, and decide to go.

We have a housecleaner that comes once a month and does all my deep cleaning and it has helped tremendously to elevate stress for John and I. I would recommend it to anyone! I wish we could afford them twice a month but that is not in the dice right now.

Just keep reminding yourself that this is a season and it will pass, so savor all the good things and try to improve the not so good parts :)