Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ben is 3!

Our crazy little boy turned 3 yesterday.

Oh, Ben.  Where do I start?

You very, very rarely sit still (only if Thomas or Cars is on).

You love bikes and trikes and trucks and trains and tractors and planes and anything with wheels (I have learned more about various construction equipment in the last 2 years than I have in the other 30+ years of my life).

You are very excitable and expressive.  You love to jump and laugh, loudly.

You are very opinionated and not afraid to express said opinions.

Your love your sister very much and get along with her 90% of the time.  The other 10% is spent bickering about what to watch on Netflix or fighting over a toy.  Anything you get, you want another one "for Avwee."  You have to get goodnight kisses from her and have commandeered her baby blanket and monkey for yourself.

You are not shy, although you are quiet around unfamiliar people at first.  But you like to wave and yell "HI" to neighbors, and even run into their garages and try to hang out with them (uninvited).

You are very strong-willed and defiant.  If you actually listen and obey, I am pleasantly surprised.  It seems like a constant battle to get you to listen and actually do what we say.

You're also very impulsive and seem to do exactly what you want, when you want.  Throw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet as I'm yelling "NO"? Sure!  Throw a wash cloth in the toilet from the bathtub? Great idea!  Dump out an entire container of toys (or food) and run away?  Why not?! Pee on the garden? Duh!

You give great hugs around the neck and kisses on the mouth.

You love to help Dad mow and wash the cars.  You're also great at helping sweep up the grass clippings.

You're fearless on your scooter and bike.

You're polite and usually say "thank you" and "you're welcome" without prompting ("please" often requires a prompt).

You're bossy.

You love hot dogs, Chick fil A, pickles, any fruit (especially watermelon), hummus, fruit snacks, eggs, oatmeal, raisins, spicy pretzels, Sun Chips, salsa, yogurt, and the list goes on.  You're not too picky but you consistently won't eat bread products or much pasta.

You know your colors and shapes very well.  You can count to 10 (at least).  Some ABCs but not thoroughly.

Running your trains along the track, rolling cars or trucks on the ground, or playing outside on your bike or scooter (or at the park) are your very favorite things.

You are potty training and doing amazing well.

You're growing up but not out and remain thin as a rail.

Your hair is crazy and adorable and has created a divide in the family between Team Trim (Dad, Mimi, Papa) and Team Crazy Hair Don't Care (Mom, Gigi, Pepaw, Avery)<----we p="" win="">
You are a mama's boy and prefer me to wipe your hands after dinner, read your bedtime books, and so on (spoiler alter: I love it).

Ben, you challenge us everyday.  You are like a small, blonde, happy tornado that rips through our house, leaving destruction and Hot Wheels in your wake.  We cannot imagine our life without you.  Your happiness is infectious and your sweet relationship with your sister is so fun to watch.  You're fun and funny and basically are just here to have a good time.  We're along for the ride, but we're going to try to teach you a few things along the way.  We're excited to see what year 3 has in store for us!

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