Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st Grade School Supply Shopping

We hit Target to get everything Avery needs for school which starts this week!  Eeeeeek.  Avery is excited for school to start and a little sad that summer is over.

Wow!  Seems like a lot of stuff but we're more than happy to provide that she needs for the year.  Even if she would have to go through one glue stick every eight days, as Rob calculated.

We also picked up Ben's gear for soccer, which starts next month.  I wanted to let him pick the ball, since there were two colors to choose from, and he said he didn't want either.  "I don't want a ball.  Avery can have it."  Hmmmm...this isn't a good sign.  Hopefully he warms up to the idea and has a good time during the mini-kickers season

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