Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Disney on Ice & the Fair

Whew-I love a good trip to the fair but I wasn't quite prepared for the marathon fair trip this year!!

Avery and I started the morning at her school walk-a-thon.  I walked a couple miles with the crazy kids and left them to finish their laps and afternoon at school.  I picked Avery up a little early to go to the fair and Disney on Ice!

We met our friends for some rides, fair food, and a little petting zoo fun.

We had scored last minute tickets to Disney on Ice with our neighborhood friends.  $24 worth of sno-cones later...

Afterwards we hung around the fair and the kids rode some more rides.
Avery's little feet hanging off on the right

Watching a video of themselves on a ride

Benny and Gwenny on the bees

We had a great but exhausting time!  I was definitely feeling like Ben by the time we left.

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