Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First of February

Catching back up after almost a week in Florida!

 The first part of February was filled with the regular stuff.  Our water heater went out and both kids thought it was super fun.  It took a lot to convince Avery she, in fact, would not fit in the sink.

Cherry Berry treat.

The kids got sick-first Avery and then Ben.  Avery missed only one day of school, but the cough and low-grade fever lingered for quite a bit.  Once it hit Ben, it took him down a lot harder.

 It took him down for a day or two, then he seemed much better.  We spent my day off with a dentist appointment (both kids have small cavities, UGH!), a trip to Chick fil A, and a Target run.

He seemed perfectly normal, but the next day he had a fever again and was couch-bound.  He wouldn't eat anything and hardly moved.

I was very sad to leave him like that.  But it sounded like he was much better the next day.

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