Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Day of 1st Grade

Before school

After school

Avery had a great year in 1st grade.  She made new friends and had fun learning new things.  Her reading fluency grew exponentially.  She had a great relationship with her teacher.  She only struggled in the area of "organizing self and materials," whatever that means exactly, but looking at the state of her room at home, I kind of have an idea.

I received this sweet email from her teacher on the last day of school.

I have loved having Avery!!!!  She is an amazing student!  So sweet and works so hard.  You are very blessed to have such a great daughter!  I wish I could have a class full of Avery's!  

It is honestly kind of terrifying how quickly the year flew by.  This next school year Ben will start pre-k so they'll be running the halls together.  Eeeeeeek.

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