Friday, January 13, 2017

Annie Mary Robert Thomas

Introducing our newest family member: Annie Mary Robert Thomas.  They were calling her Annie at the shelter, and after a few days at home we couldn't really think of anything else, and we decided Annie fit her.  Each child contributed a middle name:)

We adopted her the day before Christmas Eve.  They said she is a 1.5 year old sheltie mix.

Leaving the shelter.

Ben had to bring out his crane truck to show her.

Avery is in love with her.  Ben likes her too but sometimes she is like the annoying little sister he never had.

After a few weeks I can say that she has definitely adjusted to her new home.  She is so incredibly sweet, timid, gentle, and loving.  Pretty much the complete opposite of Arthur in every way:)

She is very well behaved except for her little habit of jumping on the furniture.  We try to keep her off but she's so darn cute.  She has definitely figured out that she is always welcome in Avery's bed.

So glad we rescued her and can't wait to see what kind of adventures we have with her!

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