Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Who said Halloween is just one day?  Not around here!  Halloween kicked off last Wednesday with an event at my mom's office.  As you can tell, mom works at FedEx.  They had treats for the kids, pizza, and we got to see one of their big planes land right outside the warehouse.
Avery with her earplugs, watching the plane land.

Driving the soapbox card

Checking out a new van

In the driver's seat

Avery and Mimi

Friday was Halloween at my office.  As I've posted before, my company does a big Halloween celebration with decorations, trick or treating, cookie decorating, and pics of the kids.  I suppose I should have coached Avery a bit on trick or treating, as she didn't really get it.  When we first got there she was pretty shy and clingy to me.  She would approach each candy bowl and just stand there. I had to prod her to take a piece of candy.  Ha-next year she'll get it!

Avery and Bryce aka Captain America

Avery, Bryce, and Zoe

Little Red Riding Hood, Captain America, and the witch.
Avery would not stand with them.  

Click here to see how much these kids have grown in a year.

Her joy is really evident in these photos, is it not?

In spite of everything, I think she had a good time.

Saturday we headed to Brookside for the BooHaHa celebration.  The weather was beautiful.  It was pretty crowded (as expected).  We walked around for a bit, had some lunch, and left before the parade started.

Mice love chips
Same as last year

Monday (Halloween) rolled around and we put the Minnie costume on for the 4th time.  Avery had trick or treating and other festivities at daycare.
I snagged this picture from the daycare Facebook page.

After her nap Rob picked Avery up for an party at his office, stopping at his dad's office on the way.
Helping Pepaw work

Coloring in Dad's office

We decided to stay home and pass out candy.  With the above mentioned activities we had PLENTY of candy already, and Avery definitely didn't miss out on trick or treating this year.  

And with that, Halloween 2011 is a wrap.  Bring on the holiday season!

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