Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great, long weekend at the Thomas house!  Thanksgiving day we hopped from our house to Tulsa then to Claremore.  We forgot the camera so all pictures are from my phone!

Leaving my mom's house

Catching a few winks in between houses

Doing a puzzle at Gigi and Pepaw's

Digging into a cupcake
I had planned to go shopping at midnight but due to the crazy lines when we arrived there was no way were getting inside.  Lynn and I were in awe of all the people.  Needless to say we went home without entering a store.
That red spot way up there? Target.

I actually went back around 8:30 on Friday morning and got quite a few things on my list, and the store was practically deserted.

Friday afternoon we got the Christmas stuff down and decorated the tree.  This is one of my absolute favorite things to do and it was so fun to have Avery help.  Surprisingly, no ornaments were harmed in the process.  

You can't really see it but the Green Eggs & Ham ornament was her favorite.  She kept taking it off the tree.  I could see it being broken so I moved it out of reach, much to her dismay.

Saturday I took her to Target with me.  We went through all the toy aisles, hoping to find something that caught her eye.  Meh.  A few things interested her but nothing enthralled her.

Later that afternoon I went to a wreath-making party (more on that in another post).  

Sunday we hung around the house.  Avery's imagination is growing daily.  I am so glad to see this, as I have no imagination.  No really, it's true. 
Anyway, on Sunday she and monkey were going swimming in the "swimming swimming pool."  She went and put her swimsuit on by herself.  That chair turned on it's side is monkey's car (his "brand new car").  It's monkey's car, but apparently she gets to drive it.    She also drove (in monkey's car) to the doctor and to "the Target store."

This kid is truly hilarious.  I don't know how many times I said to Rob this weekend "where does she come up with this stuff?"  A few of the things she's uttered lately:

Boogers are not food.

Poop is not delicious.

Chill out.

Cool<--in response to a question I answered.  She replied "cool" and walked off.

Hey guys, check this out<--typically regarding some sort of couch stunt

If you tell her no, she'll respond "Well...I really, really want to."  Lots of sentences begin with "well...."

Sunday night was finished off with a viewing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, complete with popcorn.

It was a pretty awesome weekend, I must say!

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