Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around Here

Summertime this past week:

Superman camping chairs

Requests for sponge curlers

Cinderella in the house








Being bitten





It's been a regular old week around here.  Ben is becoming such a big boy.  He has started standing alone.  He is down to one bottle at nighttime.  He's taken to sippy cups without a hiccup.  We tried regular milk but he didn't tolerate that very well.  He's doing great on soy milk though.  Ben was bitten twice at daycare on Monday.  Apparently there was a scuffle over a toy.   Ben didn't retaliate-apparently he doesn't realize the damage he could do with all his teeth.  I inquired yesterday, and apparently the biter has been moved up to the next classroom.  Bye-bye jerk baby.  Kidding.  Kind of.  I know biting is a normal part of baby development.   Still.  Jerk baby.

We are watching Stephen's dogs and Avery is having quite the time with them.  She loves having them around, and I'm sure she is going to be disappointed when they go home tomorrow.  We went to the library last night to try to catch up on the summer reading program.  Somehow we got majorly behind.  We had some bad storms with high winds last night.  I slept horribly as a result, but the kids slept through them.  Our grill was blown over and the kids' pool blew away, but we didn't have any damage.  There are still a lot of people without power so we got lucky.

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