Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Steps, Zoo, & More Summer Fun

It seems like Ben is doing more new things every day right now.  Friday evening, Avery and I ran some errands while Rob and Ben stayed at the house.  While we were out, Ben took three steps.  We couldn't get him to do it again, but he is doing a lot more standing unassisted.  I have also seen him bend down to pick something up and then stand back up, all unassisted.  So he's getting there.  I bet he'll be taking more steps very soon.

Rob was on call all weekend so he had to stay close to the house.  I took the kids to the zoo along with Aunt Lynn.  Before we left, Rob was giving them office chair rides around the house.

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday.  Perfect and unseasonably cool (80s: that's cool for July in Oklahoma).

A chimp came right over and sat in front of A.
She was largely unimpressed.

The chimps were pretty cool, but Avery was on a mission to get to the giraffes.  Ben didn't seem to notice the animals much, but was more than content to ride in the wagon.

He was pretty impressed with the ice cream

Packing up our picnic 

Saturday night I made a new recipe for Rob and I after the kids went to bed.  Shrimp and Scallops with Spicy Vodka Sauce.  It was pretty good!  We will make it again.

The poor kids got none of that deliciousness, but they were none the wiser.  I did make Avery a shrimp quesadilla.  She would have been crushed had she known we ate shrimp and she didn't get any.
Messy eater

Working on using a spoon

Sunday morning, Stephen and I went to Lynn's to help organize some things in preparation for Baby Will's arrival in a few weeks! It was crazy seeing some of the tiny newborn clothing that belonged to Ben.  He was so little; now he's a 20++ pound chunk.

Later, we went to Gigi and Pepaw's for swimming and burgers.

Ben exhibited his super amazing baby strength.

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