Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The kids had a big day. They both got to trick or treat around school with their respective classes. I picked them up early to take them to work and they already had FULL bags. Avery wanted to wear her Ariel dress. I made a Charlie Brown shirt for Ben (plain Hobby Lobby T + black marker). My mom tailored the shirt to fit Ben and my coworkers colored the design on the shirt.  So now that I think about only role was purchasing the shirt.

Ben wasn't in the best mood that morning but Avery was sure excited. Avery made an adorable Ariel.

Ben made an adorable Charlie but he wasn't impressed. 
I took them to my office and changed them into their "official" costumes: Tinkerbell and pirate. Avery knew the drill and jumped right in. She collected more candy while I chased Ben. 
Could they be any cuter?

Hint: no.

We made a quick jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner and headed outside to take pictures and wait for it to get dark.

We thought Ben might make it to a couple houses before it got too late.  He was running in the street and fell on his face.  He was pretty much done after that.  He got a bloody nose that wouldn't stop.  I put him to bed and Rob and Avery went trick-or-treating.

Both jack-o-lanterns courtesy of Rob and Avery (Avery's choice)!

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