Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Staying Warm

It was COLD this weekend.  We stayed warm and cozy inside.  All of us.  Ahem.  Even Arthur.  

Arthur is primarily an outside dog. He likes being outside.  Except when it's 20.

He just looooves when the kids have snacks.  Ben leaves a trail of Cheerios wherever he goes, so they're a good team.

Avery and I had a real tea party.  She was a bigger fan of the cookies than the tea, though.  When it was over the plate of cookies was empty (I had one cookie) but her cup of tea was full.

The kids spent a lot of time making huge messes amusing themselves.

Avery and I did head out to shop with Mimi for a bit.  When the OSU game started that evening, she went back to the office and came out a bit later with this.

What can we say?  She feels ways about things.

On Sunday we hit up the children's museum.  This might be a regular winter pastime for us. 

Before going home we stopped at the store to get stuff for stew.  The kids had too much fun in the cart.  

Gigi and Pepaw came over for dinner and we wrapped up a pretty nice weekend!

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