Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Man

Pushing the mower, saying "beep beep"

He is such a big boy now.  It seems like since he hit 18 months he has been growing and developing at a rapid pace.  Every day he says and does new things.

He is obsessed with anything he can push, pedal, pull, or ride.  He loves to watch trucks, cars, and construction.   His favorite books have pictures of trucks, airplanes, and farm equipment.

He can point to his eyes, nose, ears, head, hair, toes, mouth, teeth, and bellybutton.

He doesn't sit still for long.  Actually, he doesn't sit still much at all.

He likes to brush his teeth and will climb on the stool at the sink and say "eeth" over and over until you get his toothbrush.  But he fights tooth and nail if we try to brush them.

He can follow simple commands such as "find your shoe" or "throw this in the trash."

He still loves his ducky and "packy" and asks for them regularly and wants them together.  We're trying to keep the paci in the bed only, though.

He knows many animals and what sound they make, and he especially loves to watch for the "orses" that live behind us.

His favorite food is probably applesauce.  It's hard to keep enough stocked as he asks for it with every meal.  He's still a pretty great eater and will eat most anything.  He loves meat, cheese, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, beans, crackers, cookies, raisins, and smoothies (LOVES his "soovies").  Still doesn't care much for carbs (sometimes he'll eat pasta, rice, or pancakes but bread is usually out).

He has started to say "MINE." I'm sure we'll be hearing that a lot in the future.

Just this week he started putting his finger to his mouth (or sometimes his nose) and saying "shhhhhh."

He is such a fun, smart, determined little guy and we are enjoying watching him grow!

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