Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I love those these random warm days we get in the middle of winter.  They're always such a nice break from the cold.

Naturally, we spent most of Saturday outside.  We had brunch with some friends who were visiting from OKC.  Ben was not keen on the brunch experience.  He is best suited to fast food or fast casual dining right now.  Basically, if he's sitting at a table, there better be food in front of him.  And while we always bring a snack, that usually doesn't last long.  On the other hand, Ben is a good dining companion if you're watching what you eat, as you'll probably only get to eat a fraction of your food.

But he did like the outside patio.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside.

Ben showed us that he can now climb the swing set.
And go down the slide on his own.
And climb all the things.

We were able to enjoy our first meal of the year outside on our patio.

Sunday called for a pizza night.

I'm surprised any of the cheese or turkey-ronis made it on the pizza with this helper:)

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