Monday, June 30, 2014

Ben is 2

Our little man turned two yesterday.  We had a fun little celebration with some dear family and friends. It always makes me so appreciative to have loved ones gather to celebrate with us.   More details on Ben's party in another post.

So what is Ben up to now that he's a full-blown, real little boy?  Let's see…

-He's opinionated!  He definitely knows what he wants and doesn't want, and has the ability to let you know.

-He's suddenly speaking in sentences with three, four, and more words.  Most I can understand but some I cannot.

-He can count to 10 and kind of says his ABCs.

-He can identify colors and shapes.

-His favorite things are anything on wheels.  Trucks, trains, cars, airplanes, tractors-you get the gist.

-He is stingy with hugs and kisses which makes getting them even more sweet.

-He loves his sister (Avee) and wants to do everything that she does (he also wants to destroy anything she makes).

-He eats pretty well.  He still isn't crazy about carbs (bread, pasta)  as a whole but he will eat them under the right conditions.  He loves fruit.

-He is too busy to watch tv.  I believe his record of sitting still and watching tv is 8 minutes.

Words to describe Ben:













We are having So. Much. Fun with Ben.  We love watching his personality develop and change.  Although he keeps us on our toes, he brings so much happiness to our lives.  We enjoy watching his relationship with Avery grow as he gets older.  Although he delights in destroying her Lego creations, he will also give her a drink of his juice and share his snacks, which he doesn't allow with anyone else. He likes being around her.  We'll hear "AVEE, C'MERE" or "Avee, outside" and he must have his goodnight kisses from her every night.

We love you, Benny!  We can't wait to see what you do this next year!!

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