Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ben's Transportation Party

I couldn't decide between an airplane party or a car party for Ben-he adores them both.  But then I saw an idea for a transportation party-genius!  It was simple and easy and encompassed everything on wheels that he loves.

The birthday guy seemed to have a lot of fun running around outside.  He was pretty much a blur all afternoon and I didn't really get any good pictures of him.  He wasn't a big fan of opening presents either.  That required way too much attention.

He didn't care too much for the cupcake either.  I think he only had a few bites.

Construction on the lot next door brought a bulldozer, which made his day.

After everyone left we spent the evening playing with the new toys.  I think he had a good day.

Happy 2nd birthday, little man!

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