Friday, July 18, 2014

Sugar Bug

Ugh!  I had hoped Avery would be much, much older when she got her first cavity.  Rob took her for a checkup/cleaning on Tuesday and they discovered a small spot on one of her back teeth.  She wasn't too keen on getting in the chair in the fist place, so they gave her something to calm her down in addition to the gas ("princess air," they told her).

Apparently it was a very small spot that they drilled and then covered with sealant (no filling).

Poor thing looks so scared.  Good thing she had her bear, Boomer Sooner.  I think she was watching a movie, too.

Conversation later that day:

Me: So you had a cavity?

Avery: Yeah. Because YOU told me I didn't have to brush my teeth anymore.

Me: What? No I didn't.

Avery: Yeah you did.  You just don't remember.

Me: No.  I didn't.

Avery: It's ok.  I'm not mad at you.

Typically, she brushes on her own then we follow up with a "turn" after she is done. So we all need to do a better job of brushing her teeth.  Hopefully no more cavities for a long time.

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