Thursday, August 7, 2014

Growth & Development

The rapid development of this guy in the last month or two is incredible. It seems like it happened overnight but in reality it's been over the past month or so.  He has changed so much even since his birthday a month and a half ago.

All of the sudden he is speaking in sentences.  He can identify several shapes (circle, oval, square, diamond, heart, rectangle).  He can count to 12.  He knows primary colors.  He can identify common animals and their sounds.  Recently, he is really into reading books.  He has his favorite books, which he knows by name.  He picks out his bedtime books each night and has gotten into the habit of asking for "one more?"  The other evening we were reading on the couch and after each book he would go into his room to get another, calling over his shoulder "be right back."

He still doesn't watch TV but there are a few videos that he'll watch on the phone.

His most favorite thing ever is to "dwive."  He LOVES to play in the car, pretending to steer, pushing buttons, turning the windshield wipers on, etc.  Sometimes Rob will take a drive around the neighborhood with Ben on his lap (I know, call CPS).

And oh, does he love his sister.  He always wants to know "where's Avwee?" It is going to be tough on him when she starts school next week.

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