Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Prepping for Kindergarden

Avery starts school next week.  Next. Week.

I can't…

It is really hard to believe that she is starting kindergarden.  Aye.  She is pretty nervous.  She's very aware that this will be a new place and that she won't know anyone.  We try to reassure her that it will be fun, that she will make new friends, and that her teacher will be nice (we're pretty confident these claims will materialize).

We went out this past weekend and got her supplies and backpack and I've been picking up clothes here and there.

Of course she wanted a character backpack and of course I gave in.  I pretty much avoid character shoes/clothing except in rare instances, and she never seems to care one way or another, but she was very excited about this backpack.  What the heck…

I think what got me was "won't I look so good walking into my new school?  The teacher will be like 'oh, Avery, I love your backpack.'"


Monday we go for registration, Tuesday is Meet the Teacher night, and she starts on Thursday.

Very excited and nervous for her to start her first year of school!

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