Tuesday, November 4, 2014


This year we had a cowgirl and fireman!  Avery decided early on that she wanted to be a cowgirl.  I found a tutorial for a skirt and I think it turned out pretty cute!!  Aside from the fabric, the only other thing I purchased was a $1 bandana so it was pretty cheap.

On Halloween the school had "character day," which I can only assume is a way to allow the kids to dress up a) without actually celebrating a holiday and b) not dress up in scary costumes.  I figured we would just find a book with a cowgirl in it (not hard to do).  Avery thought Toy Story, and while we have the Toy Story Little Golden Book, it didn't have Jesse anywhere in it!  But we had another book with cowgirls so it worked out.  If I do say so, I believe she was the cutest cowgirl around.

"Give your sister a hug"

Ben was pretty oblivious to the whole Halloween thing but I tried to find a costume he might enjoy/"get."  A policeman and a fireman were obvious choices, and I happened to find a couple of costumes for pretty cheap.  The policeman costume was adorable but he seemed to actually hate wearing it, plus it was a little big.  It might fit him next year.  He tolerated the fireman jacket just fine, and even wore the hat.  Not into posing like his sister, so pictures of him are fewer!  He definitely looked adorable, though.

I picked Avery up at school and we did the trick-or-treat thing at my office.  Ben quickly figured out the candy thing.  Suckers are his candy of choice.  

 Back at home I tortured them with even more pictures.

We stopped by Gigi and Pepaw's to collect even more sugar.  

Notice a permanent fixture in his hand?

He managed to eat a few mummy dogs before heading out into the cold for neighborhood trick-or-treating.

We learned quickly that we're not yet at the point where we can just wait on the sidewalk while the kids go up to the houses, though.  When the residents of one house did not answer the door quickly enough for Ben, he opened the door and went on in.  Needless to say, we were quite horrified and apologetic.  After that, we had to accompany them to the door and physically hold onto Ben's collar, as he tried to step over the threshold of each house.

Now if we can just figure out how to quietly dispose of the buckets of leftover candy...

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