Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Road Trip

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Arkansas.  The idea started as a day trip, but we expanded a bit to make it fun and worth our while.

About two hours in we passed a pumpkin patch.  We hadn't stopped yet, and we figured it would be a good place to let the kids run around and we could all stretch our legs.

They had a corn maze.  A real corn maze!  I must say I believe it was the first one I'd ever been through.  I don't think we completed the maze as designed, but the kids definitely got a chance to run.

Rob and Ben had spotted another attraction, though.  Helicopter rides.  They were dead set on it.  Fine, I thought.  I'll wait down on the stable ground.  Well, don't ask me how, but somehow we all ended up in the helicopter.  And I in the front, no less.

Rob had Ben, so I was in charge of the filming of the excursion.   Ben was all about it until we actually walked out to the helicopter, then he changed his mind (I think he was just scared by the noise).  He settle down once we were in the air (unlike myself).  Avery remained cool as a cucumber the entire time.

Don't be fooled.  I was only smiling because we were safely back on the ground.

With that little adventure behind us, we did one more thing before getting back on the road.  Avery enjoyed this tractor ride.  I (with Ben) would rather have gone back up in the helicopter if that gives you any indication of the comfort level of this lurching, jostling ride in a barrel.

We figured out that this was Ben's first stay in a hotel (we stayed in houses the two vacations he's been on)!  He seemed to like it!  The DoubleTree had a pool and hot tub that the kids enjoyed for a bit Friday evening before we went for pizza.

On Sunday morning we got up and headed to Eureka Springs.
Less than inspired

It was a beautiful day.  We walked around a bit, ate, and then drove home.

Two exhausted kids on the way home.

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