Thursday, January 15, 2015


We've been talking, researching, and planning a trip to Disney World for several months and we booked a trip in December for February.  We planned on telling the kids on Christmas, but there was already so much going on (and so many toys) we decided to keep the surprise for a bit longer.

I'd been gathering some little Disney things here and there for the kids to open, hoping it would clue Avery into where we were going (we knew Ben would be clueless).  And we had lots of Disney movie nights over the holiday break.

On the morning of New Year's Eve we gave them their boxes to open.

Avery got it right away.  Ben's ears perked up when we said we were going on an airplane.

The planning is starting to come together, finally.  I did not realize all the planning that this trip would require.  There are spreadsheets, itineraries, reservations, tickets, and more.  We are really hoping that the crowds are low (we are going during the lowest season).

This is the first trip for Rob and myself and I think we're as excited (or more) than the kids!

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