Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Things Part 2

My mom made a neat gingerbread house for the kids to decorate.  She put it together and did the base icing and I helped the kids add all the candies.  Ben was more interested that I thought he would be.  He was quite literally taking bites off the roof, though. And he would place a candy on the house, then take it off and eat it.  I'm estimating 50% of the candy made it to the house and remained on the house...

We decided to make another attempt to see Santa, a different one this time.   Buuuuuuut Avery chickened out graciously declined.  So we went to dinner and downtown to Winterfest.  There wasn't much to see or do there, but we hopped on the trolley and rode around downtown and enjoyed the lights.  They thought riding on the trolley was pretty cool.  Much warmer (and cheaper) than the horse-drawn carriage rides!

On Sunday Avery and I saw Big Hero 6.

We had lunch with my coworkers and Avery and Ben picked up some cookies that had been sent to the office.  Ben spent the ride home licking his.

One a not-quite freezing day we went to the zoo just to ride the train.  We practically had the whole thing to ourselves!

We made How the Grinch Crinkled Christmas Cookies for Santa.  Of course Avery had to test them.  NO SWEETS go untested by this girl.

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