Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Snow(ish) Days!

We had a couple more snow days last week where school was actually canceled, but without much snow to show for it.  It was the first two snow days that our district has used this year, so hopefully the kids still get out a few days earlier than planned.  There was lots of tv and snuggle time!

The kids went back to school on Friday, and that morning was Mornings with Mom.  I asked Avery if she wanted Ben to come too, with the understanding that I might not be able to stay as long.  Of course she wanted him to come ("you have to give him a chance"). Ben was super excited to go to school.  He had to wear his packpack.  Inside?  Ducky, Duckling, and Other One Duck.

It was also pajama day, hence the nightgown.  Avery was being difficult and would not take a regular picture.  And Ben couldn't be bothered to put down the cinnamon roll.  So this is as good as it gets.

After we left school Ben and I went shopping with Mimi.  Ben was so good we rewarded him with bbq...ok, and ourselves too.

The kiddos stayed at Mimi's since Rob and I had plans on Friday and Saturday night (unusual for us!).  Sunday, Avery and I went to a baseball-themed baby shower where Avery ate her weight in peanuts.

This week at Avery's school they are continuing to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Stay tuned for updated pics!

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