Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Past Week

Sigh.  My phone got wet (I don't know how, but Ben was involved-enough said).  No pics from the past month:(  My phone is my life journal sooooo...bummer!  But we were graciously given a replacement from so I'm back to documenting life!

Gigi and Pepaw went on vacation and were kind enough to let us play in their pool while they were gone.  We had some friends join us both weekends.  The first weekend (being when my phone got wet) Mark and Maddie came to play, but sadly, the pics from that day reside on my old phone:(

Last weekend, Avery and Ben's friends Stella and Gwen joined us, and Stella stayed at our house for a sleepover.   Avery's first sleepover.  The girls have been begging to have one, and they were so excited.

Sharing some candy for the movie

Ben loves to be all up in their space

Breakfast outside

I think it was 11:30 before the girls went to sleep.  Eeeeek.  But they had so much fun making videos, playing outside, and singing along to songs on YouTube.

On Sunday we went to our first movie as a family (Minions)!  Usually I take Avery, and Rob and Ben stay at home, but my mom has had success taking him to a couple movies lately so we figured it would be fine, and it was!  He was great!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of all of us.  Boo.

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