Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Happenings

Well.  I have absolutely no idea where the past couple of weeks has gone.   Rather, I do, it has just gone by very quickly.

So where do we start?  We seem to have lots of holiday activities throughout December.  Between Avery's school activities and parties and our little family traditions we stay pretty busy.

Getting ready for Gigi's birthday dinner in which Ben would stay under the table 90% of the meal.  Yay for 3 year olds!

Avery had a matching doll dress, which she put on the Grinch.  I encouraged her to take him to her classroom on Grinch Day at school but I think she was a little embarrassed.  Not sure if he made it out of the backpack.

One of my days off fell on Polar Express Day at school, so I volunteered to help out as needed.  They put me to work delivering hot chocolate to classrooms and helping with crafts.  Avery was really excited to have me there:)  I just love her school and am always so pleased to see happy, smiling, enthusiastic teachers and administrators every time I visit.

Polar Express Day was the last day of school before winter break!  Since then we've mostly been lounging around the house.

Ben loves to help me make smoothies.

We made applesauce and Avery ate every inch of apple peel.

Heading out to look at Christmas lights.  Pajamas and hot chocolate...

Avery is my little kitchen helper.  We didn't make a whole lot of things this year, but we did put together some homemade hot chocolate jars for some friends, chocolate covered pretzels, Rolo pretzels, Chex mix, and sugar cookies.  Our elf brought an apron and hat.  He only brought one which I was kind of afraid they would fight over, but Ben really showed no interest.

Speaking of our elf, Hank, he was up to his usual tricks this year.

He even snuck into their rooms and drew mustaches on them while they were sleeping.  I heard that one is a much lighter sleeper, thus it was a bit harder to draw a proper mustache on that one.

A momentous occasion: Avery's resort bracelet from Mexico finally fell off her wrist.  She had refused to remove it because memories.

Avery told me she is tired of not getting to pick out her own clothes.  I knew this was coming.  And I know a lot of parents have been fighting (or given up) this battle since 2 or 3.  She's never had much of an opinion about clothes and has always worn whatever I picked out (for the most part) without complaint.  Now?  She won't wear jeans or skirts at all.  Jeans are uncomfortable.  Skirts "aren't her thing."  It's pretty much all leggings all the time.   She picked out this outfit all her own, which really isn't all that bad.  Could be worse.  I think the paper elf hat went with it nicely.

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