Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Santa Visits

Visits.  Two.

First was a failure.  Santa line was too long to wait outside in the cold. A failed lunch stop where we didn't even make it inside the restaurant because of crying kids.  Kids lost their minds on the way home.  Not because they didn't get to see Santa (Ben didn't want to go in the first place).

Waiting in line.  All smiles.

We're up next!  Everything is still going well.

And the it all fell apart.  Ben walked up to Santa and blurted "big orange crane truck" and then expected to walk away and collect his crane.  He wanted no part of sitting on Santa's lap or even standing near him for a picture.  Apparently he didn't think that was part of the deal.  So we had to jump in too.

Ben was not happy.  And the entire way home he was so upset because he didn't get his big orange crane truck right then.  After repeated attempts to explain, Avery finally snapped "it doesn't work like that, Ben."  In spite of the whining and crying I actually felt a little bad for him because he really didn't understand.

Oh, well.  Another Santa pic in the books!

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