Monday, March 7, 2016


I had the opportunity to go to Orlando for work and we decided Rob would come too and we would make a long weekend out of it.

This was my view from the Orange County Convention Center for about 10 hours a day for over 3 days.

Then, Rob arrived on Wednesday afternoon and it was time to play!  We planned to go to Universal Studios one day and Epcot the next day.  It was a lot to pack in to 2 days but worth it.

I was pretty excited to see the Harry Potter stuff at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and it did not disappoint.  Rob, having never read the books and only seeing part of the first movie, was just along for the ride.  He was a great sport about it, though.

Platform 9 3/4
Hogwarts Express


There were other things, and they were cool too, but not as cool as Harry Potter world

We spent the next day at Epcot, hitting up some rides first then then wandering around the world showcase for the rest of the day.
Mary Poppins in England

After almost 12 hours of walking the previous day, relaxing by the hot tub the next morning was pretty nice!

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