Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Soccer

Avery's season started in late February, then Ben's just this week.  So far, Avery is loving it.  She already knew a couple of the girls on the team, and she's the only new member to the team.

She's had one game so far and I think for only having two practices ever leading up to it, she did well!  With more practice she'll get a better grasp of a the game.

What REALLY excited her was the post-game snacks.

Ben started practice this week.  In typical Ben fashion, he was resistant.  Hopefully, like last season, he'll warm up and enjoy the drills and games.  Unfortunately, they both have practice on Tuesdays at different locations.

He will NOT huddle up.

Avery is all about the huddle.  Go Dynamite!

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