Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School! Pre-K and 2

First up, meet the teacher and supply drop-off two days prior.  Ben was...eh.  He was pretty insistent that he was not going to school.  Avery was happy to meet her teacher and kind of excited, kind of nervous, kind of sad summer was ending.  Both teachers are very nice.

Two days later was the big day.

Lunch packed (Lunchable per Avery's 1st day request):

Avery in her classroom, loading up her pencil box!

About to head into his class.

We went into Ben's room and found his place at the table.  He sat down and started coloring. We said goodbye and he didn't say anything or look at us, so we slipped out.  Well...Rob slipped out and I stayed to ask the teacher a few questions about pick-up.  He never seemed to notice (or care) that we left or that I was still standing there.

Avery seemed to have a good first day of school.  I think Ben did just fine but to hear him tell it, it was bad.

Day 2, and we had a tooth hanging by a thread.

We get to walk them in for the 2nd day too.  Ben was over it.  He humored me by standing still for a picture by his locker, then said "walk me in to the class, Mom."

Once in class, he was annoyed that he had to put on the name badge again (they have the kids wear them for the first couple of days).  He told me it bugged him.  But again, he quickly started coloring and was fine when we left. 

Avery has slipped back into the school routine pretty easily.  She seems to be back in the swing of things. Ben is merely tolerating it right now.  I really hope he grows to like school and looks forward to going.  He doesn't care to talk too much about it right now.  Information is very sparse and extremely hard to glean.  So far we have dragged out a few bits of info, including:

-they are NOT allowed to play on the monkey bars (this annoys him)
-he made a friend named Michael who he will refer to as Jet Stream
-a girl cried because of him
-they had a snack

This is definitely an adjustment for him, but hopefully in time he will grow to enjoy it!

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