Thursday, November 3, 2016


We returned from our wonderful fall break trip!

We were up early for our 7 a.m. flight.  The kids did great traveling.

To say that we had a good time would be an understatement.  Everything was great from the hotel to the food to the weather to the company.  Right off the bat, Ben loved the beach and the water more than he ever has.  He was ready to jump right in.  The beach was perfect for the kids.  The water was shallow and there were virtually no waves.  Avery loved snorkeling and looking for fish.

We were definitely spoiled by the food and drinks.  So. much. food.  Avery's drink of choice was a Pocahontas (mango and strawberry), which she discovered last year.  Ben's was a banana monkey (chocolate banana).  Avery ate a ton of shrimp tacos while Ben stuck to hot dogs and fries, although he did eats lots of guacamole which he doesn't really eat at home.  Avery discovered she likes octopus (going back for thirds).  She even ordered octopus pizza one night but didn't like that as much as the marinated octopus.  She also tried and liked squid and mussels.

We pretty much stuck to the beach and the pool.  Preferred activities were bird chasing, being buried in the sand, and playing in the showers.  Avery was 100% content to play in and around the water all day but Ben needed a change of scenery and a rest pretty frequently.

We only left the resort a couple of times.   We had a great dinner out one night and Gigi and Avery did the fish spa again.  Other than that we mostly stayed around the resort for dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Rob, Avery, and I went parasailing, which was definitely an adventure!  Rob and myself were definitely a little lot nervous up in the air but Avery loved and squealed with delight every second.  She said it was amazing!  And it was definitely cool but also a little nerve-wracking.  I love her sense of adventure and I hope it always stays with her.

Rob and Avery took a kayak out around the beach and Ben didn't want any part of that.  He likes his feet planted firmly on the ground, thankyouverymuch.

At last we had to say goodbye to the beach:(

Perhaps the most epic pic of Ben was taken on the flight  home.  Every time we got on or off a plane Ben would rubberneck the cockpit and one time the pilot asked if he'd like to come in and sit.  Yeah...he was a little excited.

I really can't say enough good things about this trip.  Seeing the kids enjoying themselves, having fun, exploring a new place, trying new was perfect.  And I think the adults enjoyed themselves just as much.  I asked Avery what her favorite part of the trip was and she said "I think it's just spending time with my family."  Suffice it to say, time spent with family in paradise was amazing!

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