Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November, Came and (Nearly) Went

I can't believe we're already nearly through November already!! Story of my life...

Avery was excited that the stores already had decorations out a couple of weeks ago...

Avery had a little speaking part in the Veteran's Day program at school.

We were all the way across the gym so unfortunately the video is not great but her line was "they deserve our admiration. "  Avery doesn't usually volunteer (or get chosen) for the speaking parts so it was kind of a big deal!

Ben's class talked about Veteran's Day in their classroom:
For my birthday I got a bike.  So excited for family bike rides now!

Avery also had her last soccer game on my birthday.

To wrap up the day Rob took me to a wonderful dinner.

Avery had her first crash on her bike.  Look at that road rash on her stomach.  

I completed a 5 mile leg of the Route 66 Marathon on Sunday and Rob volunteered his time at one of the relay stations.  
This week we're in the full swing of Thanksgiving with paper pilgrim and Indian hats, lunch feasts, and a short week!

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