Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alphabet Soup

Monday, when Rob took Avery in to daycare, the teacher asked if we knew that Avery knew her alphabet.  I knew that she knew the letters in her name, but I didn't know she knew them all (or most of them all, anyway).

The funny thing about daycare is that, when they're this little (and younger) they can't really tell you what they learned or did during the day.  You really don't know what they know until they exhibit the skill in some way (like the sign language).  

I really couldn't be happier with our daycare in this regard.  The kids aren't sitting around staring at a TV (I actually don't think there is a TV in Avery's room), or simply playing with toys while the teachers sit in the corner.  They have a structured, organized environment where they read, sing, dance, do crafts, etc.  And clearly she is learning.  We read tons at home (which I've may have mentioned a time or two), do alphabet puzzles, and recently have been going over the letters in her name, but we certainly haven't been focusing on learning the whole alphabet. 

I bought these alphabet letters for the bath a couple weeks ago when she suddenly became deathly afraid of her other bath toys (a story for another day).  There were quite a few she knew (and a few she didn't) that I didn't catch with the camera.  I think she did pretty good though!  And, yes, she has crazy hair from being put up.


Summer said...

She is so stinkin' smart. I love the way she says "Z." :) The boys' daycare (which Logan went to) is the same. Logan's teachers have told me that there is definitely a difference in kids that have the opportunity to get a jump on their education like this.

Erin said...

Okay I don't know what was funnier...the way Rob kept throwing the letters in and how Avery wanted to put them all in their designated spots or the look she gave him when he asked her what letter J was...loved the video!

lehadams said...

Adorable! She is such a cutie! I'm so proud of her! Nothing makes me happier as a teacher than to see children loving literacy! Great job Mommy and Daddy...and daycare! :) And yes, I think that Rob tossing the letters in the tub was hilarious...and her litle bottom! :)

Amy said...

I love those bath letters, and the video is adorable, what a smartie and cutie! Thank you for visiting my blog to read Blair. I hope you return!