Thursday, March 17, 2011

Telling Tales

On a couple different occasions recently,  Avery has, well...she has lied.  

One evening earlier this week I witnessed Arthur walk by Avery and nudge her leg with his nose.  She immediately started whimpering, holding her leg, and saying "bite. bite. bite."

Me: Avery, Arthur did not bite you.
Avery, crying whimper, holding her thigh like she had been ravaged by Montecore: Uh-huh.  Bite. 
She even told Rob the same story when he got home later.

Last night we were reading one of her lift-the-flap books.  She had previously pulled one (several) of the flaps back too far and torn it. 

Avery: Broke.

Me: Yes, it is broken.  Who broke it, Avery?

Avery, thinks for a second:  Dada.

Me: Oh, really? Daddy broke your book?

Avery:  Uh-huh.  Dada broke.

Hmmm, I know Rob doesn't like to read but I didn't think he'd resort to tearing up his own daughter's books!

Isn't not-even-even 2 a little young to be lying?!

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Summer said...

That's the age it starts. At first, it's kind of cute, then notsomuch. lol. We are currently breaking Jonas and Elijah of this horrible character flaw. Elijah announced one morning that I had punched him in the mouth. Really? He had chapped lips and they were cracking.